The FACE SHOP LOVELY ME: Ex Design My Eyebrow

It was a Mother’s Day when my mom asked me to drop by at TFS Powerplant Mall to get something. Without knowing that “something” is a gift from her. I opened the paper bag and saw the lovely me:ex brow pencil and retractable pen with two different shades of blushes. And a letter greeting me a “HAPPY MOM’s DAY!” I was teary eyed haha! It’s really unexpected. Anyway, it’s my first time to try out the brand and I fell in love with the brow pens. I was using Etude house, SANSAN, and Bobbie Cosmetics but now I always have the Lovely me:ex on my kit. I cannot go out without using even the pencil alone. So I got the shade in 02 DARK BROWN both Retractable pen and the regular eyebrow pencil.  Price: Eyebrow Pen Retractable P225.00 / Eyebrow Pencil P150.00  PRO’s • Very affordable –Worth the money • Very detailed and simple packaging – by the way it is good for 24 Months unlike other eyebrow pens which only lasted for 6mos. • It has a spoolie on the other side – very accessible to use. • It comes in a triangular pencil shape which makes it easy to use (sharpener isn’t needed) • I love how fine and sturdy the pencil is. It won’t break easily.

• It glides smoothly without the product getting scattered. • It’s not itchy – have you experience rubbing/scratching your eyebrow from time to time? • It enables to define brows which builds naturally • Available in all shades • Available in all The Face Shop stores (Local and International) • Both caps have the same size and the other one has a “brush” labeled on it,so it doesn’t matter whether you mismatch both caps.

• Has a lasting power of 10 hours – the whole shift (as in!) I don’t remember filling my brows except for the inner part where we do the “feathery stroke” I use it everyday as in everyday. It works really well!  


• If you’re too oily the product has a tendency to smudge/wears off. Definitely it will not last longer. Re-application is needed.

Overall, I would definitely love to purchase and restock more of this.


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