Today I will be doing a review on The DOUBLE UP MASCARA from Fashion 21. I got it for only P225.00 at SM Makati. It took me half a year before I decided to get one and try it for myself. Why did it take me so long? haha!

How did I know about the product?

It was from Shebby Liquete also known as Shebbychic on instagram. She’s one of the makeup guru; vlogger here in the Philippines. During the beauty camp –if I remember? Shebby told me that she’s using the double up mascara and it is one of the best local mascara she has ever tried. Also if you watch the vlog of Michelle Dy “My TOP 7 local Products” she includes this mascara.

You can see Directions for Use on the back of the box


Making your lashes up to 2x longer and stronger  as what it says on the front part which don’t seem to be true. It works the same as my other mascaras.

I love the red sleek tube with labeled on it. Also, it includes the manufactured date —mine is May 20, 2015.Remember, mascara is good for 3-6 months from the time that the product is use/open. When it comes to mascara I hate seeing too much product on the wand and around the mouth of the tube, it’s like seeing a spider silk. That’s how I describe it. Here you won’t see any excess product. I love the bristles/brush of the wand which allows you to coat/comb the lower lashes even the inner eye, making it easy to apply. 

   So here’s a photo showing:

  1. without mascara
  2. with two coats on the right lashes without curling

Both lashes curled and with 2 coats application Without curling the lashes (No.2) it did a great job making my lashes look fuller and my eyes widely open.

I love how my eyes pop

with one coat – no curl

What I like about it?

  • Very affordable – P225 pesos
  • Available in all drugstores/department stores (locally)
  • Very lightweight
  • It lengthens my lashes making it fuller – it works the same with other mascaras I have tried so I don’t think it can do the volume 2x as what it claims.
  • Pigmented – very black
  • NOTE: I don’t think that the formula is very wet making it hard to dry – which I don’t experience. It varies with proper application. 1-2 coats is surely enough for this product.Or maybe they tried to upgrade the formula because I have read a lot of reviews saying that it is very wet and hard to dry.Which again, I have NOT experience.
  • It last 8 hours on me without getting smudge. My lashes are still perfect.
  • smudge proof & waterproof – though It doesn’t claim
  • It does not flake
  • Doesn’t smell anything upon application
  • Rubber type / Film type – when remove
  • Easy to remove

What I don’t like:

  • Not clump – free ; More than 2 coats will make your lashes clumpy
  • NOTE: I advised you not to apply too much of the product.This mascara works throughout the day.And with the kind of formula – reapplying the product is not necessary as it will clump the lashes really bad.
  • Scent like hair dye when you smell it thru the tube and wand.So better not.

Honestly, I was impress with how it works.It’s long lasting and the lashes stays intact all day.They say it is difficult to remove even with a makeup remover?No it’s not! I can testify that it is very easy to remove without giving you a raccoon eyes.That is something really special about this product.Plus I’m wearing it the whole shift.

I’m proud that there’s locally made which can actually compete with high end mascara.

*You might want to check my Holy Grail mascara – THE FACE SHOP Freshian Voluminizing Mascara

(Checkout my previous post – it’s up on my blog)



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