JORDANA MATTE LIPSTICK in Poppy Pink and Plum Obsession

If you happen to see my previous review about the Jordana Modern Matte lipstick, then you probably know what I’m discussing.


How does it differ?

Well, as for the name you can definitely know that they re-created the old packaging which is name as Jordana matte lipstick  to Jordana MODERN matte lipstick. There’s a huge improvement not just with the formula and pigmentation but with how it is pack and labeled. (See photos below)


It comes in black and gold bullet with a brand name in black font printed on it. Just a regular lipstick .Nothing special about it. Right? Plus the shades are labeled under the tube and on a clear lid/cap which we always see in a beauty department. (See photo)

 If we to compare – the modern lipstick looks fancy than the old packaging plus the fact that it is much secured than the old one which tend to crack easily and the cap is quite loose.I bet even the label have a tendency to fade unintentionally

 Be careful as the cap might damage the product

For the Price – definitely this is much affordable. Price ranges from P95.00- P105.00 / $2 unlike the modern matte which is P135.00 SALE / Regular Price: P165.00. By the way I got this regular matte lipstick @The_makeup_ph on Instagram.

The formula and pigmentation

I noticed that is t is less creamy but super pigmented same as with the modern matte lipstick. But I cannot attest that all the shades do the same job. Since I only have two of the matte lipstick and two of the modern matte. (I’ve read reviews and 90% say that not all shades are pigmented and creamy.) So better do a thorough research on the shades that you want. Just like what I did.

POPPY PINK and PLUM OBSESSION are true matte and pigmented. I love how it easily glides on the lips BUT I want to set an expectation that these is a bit drying and sticky after the application compared to modern matte lipstick

Color pay off

As for the scent, it smells and taste like candy almost the same with the modern matte which is somehow butter caramel scent,And also it stain on the lips even after eating and drinking. Lasting power is only 5 hours including the time that I ate rice,pancakes drink soda,water and hot cocoa.I did not re-touch.

NOTE: If you have dry and chapped lips make sure to moisturize first or apply a lip balm. There’s a tendency for your lips to dry more even after removing this lipstick.

Based on my experience — I noticed that The modern matte lipstick is much creamier  and non drying compared to the old matte lipstick which is a bit drying  even minutes after the application and less creamy.It only shows that Jordana did a great job when it comes to improving their product in order to give a total satisfaction to consumers.

I would probably purchase more shades of this.


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