11721081_10203375763195264_1059739668_nPackaging : I like the simple packaging and with all details about the product

I have lots of blushes. Aside from lipstick it is the second priority that I always look at whenever I’m at the beauty department. Most of my blushes are peach-y coral to mauve.I don’t buy too pink and dark as it doesn’t suit my skin tone. Orange-y to smooth coral is the best blush for morena. So I got the shade in 150 which is pretty peach.


Seems to be very pigmented


Has a tiny bit of shimmer


When covergirl launched their Ready set gorgeous line of make-up I was contemplating if I’m going to get at least the foundation, powder, concealer and blush. But it took me months of thinking before I finally made up my mind and end up getting the foundation which is really nice. After that, I was thinking of getting the cheekers blush but I was hesitant until I decided to get it online for a lesser price.

Originally it is P399.00 but I got it less the price. Definitely it is authentic. It comes with a brush , but I won’t be using it because I don’t like the bristles.


So I then tested out the product and here are my thoughts about it

1st and 3rd application: It takes 3-4 swatches for the color to be visible


After 1 hour – It fades off easily


Very affordable – a great value for the price

the packaging is cute,very compact and portable – fits even in a small pouch

gives a slight shimmer

available in different shades

with a build-able coverage

It’s not powdery/chalky

can be use for high lightning

natural glow when with several layers on


not pigmented – need to apply several times to get the coverage

good as high lighter not a blush on itself

I hate the old perfume scent – very strong

fades easily

can emphasize the pores on the cheeks – if too much application

1-2 hours lasting power in an air conditioned room

the brush is very hard to use – I prefer my blush brush

Overall, It doesn’t work as a blush on. But more of a high light because of the shimmer. Not sure if it goes the same with the other shades but pretty peach is not pigmented as I expected.Though It works decently and very affordable but it doesn’t last that long.


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