When Great lash mascara launched in the Philippines. It claims to be waterproof and hydrofuge very black and “noir” (a.k.a Black) intense. It contains 12.7 ml of product.


Does it work same as with the other Maybelline Mascara? Is it really waterproof? Why is it talk of the town? Those we’re the questions bugging me. I immediately head out to PCX at Powerplant Mall to get one. It is P350.00. And I find it a bit pricey but I was stun with the packaging, really a good color combination.

Now . . . Is it really worth buying? Will I even recommend it? I’ll let you know.

Let’s talk about the:


Nothing special except its feminine color combination is really cute




It’s not creamy/liquid-y which is super fine with me since I hate seeing too much product on the wand & around the tube. A bit messy to use even when applied on.


I tried applying it on my right lashes and it is true to its claim – very black and it does lengthen my lashes like crazy even without using a curler. I even fell asleep for 5 hours and woke up with my curling lashes intact. It did not smudge WHILE I was sleeping. It doesn’t give me a panda eyes WHEN I woke up.


BUT . . .

If accidentally you wipe your eyes or sweat too much?? If you start cleaning your face and removing your make up??? It SMUDGES LIKE HELL! I have it under my eye for a day and I cannot afford to rub it off using a makeup remover knowing that it is semi – waterproof! It will surely irritate my eyes big time. Also, it takes time to dry. I tried giving this mascara a never ending chances but it works the same. I ended up having a raccoon eyes.


I love how it curls my lashes. It has a GREAT LASH effect. Really! a nice dramatic look. One to two coats is enough to widen my lashes giving my eyes a pop. It’s not thick and clumpy.


 I don’t use a curler on these photo

My Thoughts . . . .


available international and locally

Sturdy and sleek packaging

Very black

It lengthens you lashes

It is intact for 5-6 hours

Not too wet nor too dry – decent formula

Not clumpy

Very nice wand – can separate you lashes

No scent


A bit pricey for something that does not works very well

It will give you a panda eyes

Difficult to remove


Smudges under your eye

NOT totally water proof

Takes time to dry

Now . . . Is it really worth buying? Will I even recommend it?

Definitely NOT! There are more affordable and better formulas out in the market which can actually do a great job without spending too much. Like The Face shop freshian mascara for only P195.00 and Fashion 21 double up mascara P225.00. I felt like I wasted my money. Disappointing.


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