Maybelline Eye Studio Fashion Brow Mascara


 I have never own any eyebrow mascara aside from this one. Been eyeing to get one from The Face Shop but sad to say my shade is always out of stock. I have a black hair and supposedly I should use a dark brown/brown for my eyebrows, but apparently I got the shade in RUSTY BROWN. Nevertheless I’m so happy because it was a gift from a colleague. Moving on, I tested out the product on top of my eyebrow pencil from The Face Shop after outlining my eyebrows. It was quiet light on me, because the shade is somehow red – brown and I don’t have a red-ish tone of hair. So I told myself that I have to find ways on how to work this out. I totally love this product knowing that it was a gift and I need to let it work. Which I did!

You can actually use it alone but in my case, I doubt. It should compliment my hair. I always make sure that I use it on my top of an eyebrow pencil/powder just to give a nice hue. Not too light and not too dark. A middling tone.




Very sleek and sturdy

Comes in a plastic container coated with sheer black color

Very detailed


I love that it is color coded


It comes in 3 shades

Rusty Brown – reddish hair

Dark Brown – black hair (My Shade)

Yellow brown – ash and blonde hair

Maybelline Fashion Brow Shades and Price


It’s worth buying. Originally it’s P359.00 $7 but it’s on SALE for only P259.00 (P100.00 OFF)

So the product and the packaging looks like this


Has a bit shimmer but not visible when applied





Not liquid-y & messy

Very pigmented

One to two coats is enough

Has a bit shimmer but not visible when applied

Long lasting but unsure of its claim (24 hours?) haven’t try

Lasting power of 10 hours on me (the whole shift) but it seems to stays on a few hours more

Stays intact

Well groomed

Easy to apply and spread

I don’t feel my eyebrows getting thick and sticky after application



Very unique ball wand. I have never see any like that

It helps to cover the whole eyebrows even the least part

It’s not messy to use

One thing that I don’t like about it is that . . . it feels itchy after a few hours. Other than that I highly recommend it. A must have in your kit.


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