DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me by Ms.Charm of Nature Essentials. This review was made with all honesty for your reference based on my experience or how it did reacted on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Know that I have sensitive skin; and I get oily on my t-zone area and under eyes. Better check your skin types and preferences.


DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Nature Essentials for review. I will give my honest thoughts based on my experience using the products.

I’d never heard of this product until they sent me. I was so excited because it is my first time to use organic made products specifically primer and foundation.

NOTE:  I have sensitive and combination skin (I get oily on my T-zone area) and tend to break out easily.

Having said that I’m still unsure if the product will work on my skin, knowing it is made out of organic and natural ingredients.


CLAIMS: It also includes SPF 100 UVA/UVB for skin protection. Brightens dull skin and enhance skin moisture – which is actually true to its claim. Decreases appearance of pores and fine lines – it helps somehow but not totally invisible since the finish is light to medium. Yet I like how it creates a smooth canvass with the help of the pore minimizer  which I applied right after I washed my face. I use it as a base for my foundation. (will do a separate review for that) and brightens and tightens skin.



The packaging is made of hard plastic pumping bottle which makes it easier to produce a certain amount of product needed.It also includes the label of the brand and the ingredients. If you notice, it doesn’t include the MFD and EXP date. Pure mineral makeup doesn’t expire. So if you happen to see expiration date on mineral makeup make sure to check the ingredients carefully.

Remember that we have 2 types of Mineral Make – Up

Natural which are made of organic ingredients suits for those with sensitive skin. And Traditional which includes materials and chemical ingredients cause bacteria to builds up fast so it expires.



I was trying to shake the bottle before I drip a lil amount of product and it seems that it’s not liquid-y at first. With one pump I noticed that it is too light for me. Then I swatch it on my hand and surprisingly it blends really well as if I don’t have anything on my skin. I even try it on my friend which is way lighter than my color and does the same effect. It is a translucent foundation which actually suits to all skin tones. I kept on saying “ang galing!”


The difference is very visible, it mattifies my skin. Though doesn’t claim to be.

I applied it on right side of my face underneath the pore minimizer. And it feels quiet minty “medyo malamig sa mukha” which is actually good. It is very easy to blend though the finish is light to medium. It doesn’t cover the redness and visible veins on my cheeks at first application but you can re-apply another patch of foundation since it is really blend-able.


Super lightweight as if I don’t wear anything as in. Has a powdery finish. Honestly I don’t need to apply any kind of powder because the coverage is matte and very natural. It’s not sticky on the face. You know when you feel blooming? There’s something in it that makes you feel pretty. That’s how I felt. Weird but I really love how it gives natural glow on my skin. It works like a BB Cream but waaaaayyyyy better and it does absorb oil which I didn’t expect. I was walking like 15-20 minutes from Makati Avenue to Ayala that’s how I hate traffic and I’m use to walking every day. I sweat too much and when I got to work my face looks really good. My make-up is still intact. I don’t see any oiliness on my t-zone area despite the hot weather outside.Normally my t-zone tends to oil up easily like after 2 hours. But today it’s been 4 hours almost 5 and the only part that became oily is my nose. Literally, even after the earth quake drill. I don’t see white patches on my skin even with flash photography it doesn’t emphasize the dryness around my cheeks. Doesn’t oxidize on me.Doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines.That’s something unexpected and fascinating about this foundation.It’s not something “WOW” that we can compare with NARS, LAURA MERCIER, MAC but its more of the natural coverage. I’m using cover girl foundation in the shade #215 though its matte and lightweight but my skin doesn’t seem to look natural. “Basta ang galing!Tapos mineral pa siya, very healthy ung ingredients niya.” and it is easy to remove when you cleanse your face.


(with natural lightning)

The only issue that I have is the scent – it smells like a massage therapy oil “panghilot” very similar to the oil that you buy in Quiapo quite strong because of the natural ingredients. But once you have it on your face it is really tolerable and the smell fades away.Another minor thing that I noticed is the packaging , it only comes in a bottle.No box. – No big deal.

I don’t experience any break out or itchiness which I’m really happy and thankful.For now I will be using this until I hit the bottle.

I highly recommend this for those with oily and sensitive skin because of it’s organic and natural ingredients plus its long lasting.

You can get it for only P850.00  at NATURE ESSENTIALS




You may also visit their INSTAGRAM account and FACEBOOK Page







  1. Hi! Your reviews are good!
    Actually im really lookin for a good foundation that is light on d face, and has a blendable and buildable coverage. Im currently using Ponds bb cream, concealer for my sun spots and essence mattifying powder (dont know how to contour and highlight) bcoz of our country’s humidity. Sad to say the bb cream seems to oxidize within 2 hrs, thats why im looking for a substitute for this. Your reviews abt this HD Natureessentials seems convincing so i will try out this product soon and wil get back to you.
    Thank u very much for this feed.


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