Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Mascara


The Maybelline hyper curl volume mascara is not something new. It’s out on the market for how many years. Actually, I had it before when I was in college including the limited edition hello kitty from the brand and the cat eye mascara. This is really affordable from all the mascaras they sell.

It claims to allow 4 instant dramatic lash look:

1. Instant Volume-Building Express Formula quickly thickens lashes.
2. Curly Fix Formula fixes and curls up the lashes instantly for 75º curl lashes lasting 18 hours.
3. Patented Curved Anti-Clump Brush performs separated lashes.
4. Ultra Waterproof formula ensures long lasting wear.

PACKAGING: Nothing special except that it comes in PINK metallic tube (NEW!)It also includes the MFD, Batch No. Brand, ingredients and shade – it only comes in very black.EXP will be base from the time you started using the product.





Remember: Mascara has 3-6 months life span.

What I like about it:

Very affordable

Available in all Maybelline counters

Feminine tube

Lengthens my lashes really amazing

It did curl my lashes without the need to use a curler (NUMBER 2 is true but unsure of 18 hours. That’s not applicable on schedule)

Very black

Smooth and easy application

My lashes stay intact the whole day

Not thick and clumpy – NUMBER 3 is true

Has a natural finish

Waterproof and even smudge proof – it came off solidly. NUMBER 4 is definitely true

No scent

The product is not liquidly and messy to use

Dries after application

What I didn’t like:

I don’t think it gives volume and thickens my lashes – NUMBER 1 is NOT true.

Overall, this is my go to mascara. The formula is very similar with my FACE SHOP freshian mascara and FASHION21 double up mascara.




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