DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by REAL NATURA ORGANICS for review. This review was made with all honesty for your reference based on my experience or how it did reacted on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Know that I have sensitive skin; and I get oily on my t-zone area and under eyes. Better check your skin types and preferences.




Organic Brightening Concealer has SPF8. It comes in small plastic container with gold cap. This product is at P359.00 each,quite expensive for an 8g concealer. It comes in 4 different shades and I got the shade in MOONLIGHT C902 I think this is the lightest shade and doesn’t suit my morena skin tone.



It claims:




I rarely use concealer that are not liquid-y or pen type because no matter how you apply it,it tends to crease/cake. And I was even surprise to try out concealer that is made by organic ingredients.

It says: your skin tone will be fairer and attractive with this particular concealer undercover. This is also known as a secret camouflage that helps in covering eye circles, blemishes along with the emollient formula. Even if you have the sensitive skin tone, this concealer will never put you in an improper skin conditions. You can carry it anywhere as it is travel friendly and can give you a perfect touch.

This shade is obviously too light on me.Any how it blends well and seems to highlight my under eye thought the color is too visible.


Thoughts about the product

It is similar to a “hardened clay”, I don’t see any moist or oil to help the product glides on easily under your eyes and to the areas that needs to conceal. It’s too dry and not creamy. Tends to crease easily when swatch with finger. Though the color is too light on me, still I have to find ways on how the concealer works. But sad to say it didn’t conceal anything, it tends to cake since the formula is too dry. It is similar with the texture of  hair wax from Bench (I personally use it on my hair specifically on my bangs) and they have the same texture. Quite sticky too and scent like crayon when you smell it directly. I was hoping it to be natural and easy to apply but not that I expected.

Few minutes after applying it in a patting motion here’s how It looks.You can see visible patches around my eyes.


I love that it is made with organic and natural ingredients which are actually good especially for those with sensitive skin but I guess it didn’t work on me. It is really expensive and we know that there are a lot of better concealers that are affordable too. I hope that they can improve the formula of the concealer because the contents are really healthy for everybody.

What I only like about this, If you have sensitive skin, this concealer will never put you in an improper skin conditions. You can also carry it anywhere as it is travel friendly – which is true to to its claim.

I appreciate the generosity but I have to give my full thoughts and honesty on my review, for the reference of my readers, followers and visitors on my site and on instagram.

You may want to check other products .For orders and inquiries follow REAL NATURA ORGANICS on Facebook & Instagram

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