Let me share to you my basic routine to a young glowing skin and how my makeup lasted for hours.

I started with a RULES

RULE #1: Have enough sleep – At least 7-8 hours a day but sad to say I don’t get too much sleep.Being a nurse requires number of extended hours from work.(most of the time) Straight duties,sleepless night, 16 hours etc. With that, I have to make sure that my face is well rested.

RULE #2: Drink plenty of water,at-least 2L a day/ 8-12 glasses a day.

RULE #3: Eat the right kind of foods like Vegetable and fruits.

RULE #4: Exercise daily

RULE #5: Drink milk everyday and take vitamins.Avoid soda and alcohol.


Washing my face using Ponds facial wash or Celeteque (almost empty) and warm water


I always wash my face 3-4 times daily.During day time,when I wake up,taking a bath and when I go home from work.I always wanted my face to relax after a long tiring day.Keeping it fresh and away from the dirt’s and make-up will help soothes my skin and prevent it from acne/pimples.I love using ponds facial wash or Celeteque.I highly recommend it since the smell is not too strong as well as the formula.It easily removes my makeup.That is the reason why I don’t normally use a toner/makeup remover.

Applying a moisturizer

Here I use the Pores Confidence from Nature Essentials. Since I started using this product which is made with organic natural ingredients I noticed that It helps to minimize my pores.It works as a moisturizer too because it helps my skin to stay smooth and healthy.It also serve as a screen underneath too much makeup.



I use primer to help my make-up last longer.I’m using the QUICK FX from Watson,its a silicon type which is a good canvass for makeup.And its.I apply a pea size amount under my eyes,t-zone area and cheeks(where I tend to oil up).And it works for 4-5 hours.A small amount goes a long way. This is my 3rd pack and it lasted 4 months for only P88.00 pesos.


Then I start applying BB cream/foundation depending on my mood (most of the time I prefer to use a BB cream since it is very light weight and looks natural on me.But if I feel like wearing full coverage,I would always go for a matte foundation)



I use concealer under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose.My trusted brand would be this Essence stay natural P175.00 ,Sansan HD concealer P129.00 and the Cover girl ready set gorgeous P399.00.I would always go for a liquid type rather than stick concealer.I just find it easy to apply and does not set into fine lines.Because even with proper application,most of the stick concealer tend to crease easily plus its hard to blend. I want a natural finish NOT a shade lighter on me,it should always match my skin tone. Highlighter?nah not my thing though.


In order to avoid creasing I always make sure to set it with powder immediately. Light dust is fine but not too much.Of course I don’t want to look cake-y with marks of white cast.These are my trusted brand.

Rucys Vanity – 299.00

Maybelline White Super Fresh – P299.00

Essence all about Matt – P269.00

FS Two way cake – P399.00


I love to use a blotting paper and I super recommend these:

BENCH ABSORBENT PAPER – P49.00 (100 sheets)

very affordable and it does absorb oil

GATSBY – P127.00 (75 sheets)

Quite expensive but its a powdered oil clear paper


Last but not the least


I love using lip balm to keep my lips from drying,especially that am so addicted with matte lipstick.

I also use it at night before I go to sleep.This retails at P89.00 in all leading dept. stores nationwide.


If you are not sure of what and how to use?I hope you find this really helpful.




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