DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by FAITH.HOPE.LOVE for review. I will give my honest thoughts based on my experience using the product.

It contains 50ml of product for only P150.00 very affordable



This Cucumber Hydrating Mist is made of healthy natural elements like:


  1. Aloe vera leaf juice
  2. Cucumber hydrosol
  3. Sea backthorn oil
  4. Jojoba oil
  5. Witch hazel
  6. Rosemary
  7. Neem Oil
  8. Allantoin
  9. Vitamin ACE

It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.


APPLICATION: Apply every morning and night after cleansing, spray over face and neck avoiding eye and mouth areas.

My thoughts about the product:

Primarily, cucumber hydrating mist has wide uses. Can be toner or to pamper your skin at night and during day time. I use it after cleansing my face with AMP Soap (from the same brand).I tried using it over my makeup although it’s a mist, it doesn’t claim to set your makeup or help last longer. BUT for those with dry skin, it can avoid you (makeup) getting cake-y. Also, the “cucumber” scent smells really good. As to the texture and formula, it’s not oily and sticky which is expected since it’s a mist. Same texture & feeling like water. So it’s up to you on how you use it.There’s a hint of bubbles.


But I highly recommend using it at the morning and night to freshen up your face.

It comes in a sprayed hard plastic bottle which is really secured. You can disperse it on a cotton pad and apply it all over your face or spritz it directly onto the face BUT expect that too much product will come out if you do, might be the spring causes the pressure.

11997134_10203675775375381_1590769860_n 12007330_10203675775415382_129865487_n

TIP: I disperse it onto the palm of my hand and spread it evenly onto the face. No pressure.

Moreover, it feels like as if I’m washing my face with water. I don’t feel any sting and it’s not even irritating unlike other mist which has high formulation due to the strong scent. I love that it feels quite pulled after minutes of application. Parang nababatak ung face ko. Similar with applying egg white and washing it, ganun ung pakiramdam but not the whole face only areas like jaw line and cheeks. That’s where I felt it but it doesn’t stay long naman. I don’t know if its normal but I felt it twice during night time before I go to work and in the morning when I got home (from duty) before I go to sleep, I find it better for the skin if it does tightens. It really is relaxing. Also, I don’t experience breakout knowing that I have sensitive skin. That’s the advantage of using natural formulation.

Overall, I really like the simplicity of the formula.Same as with the packaging.It is also suitable to all skin types. Expect that no visible changes but more of hydrating effect that it does to your face. This is true to its claim. Plus the price is really affordable and it is made of healthy ingredients.

AMP SOAP stands for

Argan •Mulberry •Peppermint


This soap is especially made with organic and natural additives. I like how it looks creative and colorful. It comes in a box properly labeled.I’m using it as an alternative for my facial wash and as a body soap too.I like how soft and smooth it is on the skin.I totally smell & feel the minty scent.Very refreshing on the skin.Because of the organic peppermint which is actually one of the common organic ingredients that you can find in an organic soap.Plus it is beneficial to the environment.I find it really good especially to those with sensitive skin. My husband uses it even my kids and we don’t experience any untoward skin reaction.This is also good for those with dry skin as it leaves your skin moisturize with a soothing effect (again) because of the minty substance.

For orders and inquiry you may visit their Facebook and Instagram account





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