I got it for only P165.00 at HBC Ayala MRT. I was planning to get a BB cream but the staff told me that they have a NEW product and I got curious. No testers available so I was really hesitant that day but it seems that it matches my skin tone and oh I forgot to tell you that only one shade is available. I was thinking if the formula is translucent which actually suits to all skin tone.I tested it to my niece and she has a fair skin but it looks really good on her face without looking dark or too light.So I immediately went home to test it out.

It comes in this packaging.



That its a multi-benefit make-up foundation that evens out skin tone as it nourishes skin and protects skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals.

  • sun damage
  • Lightens dark spots
  • With Antioxidants
  • Has Vitamins ACE
  • with SPF 15 – Arbutin


11995471_10203648807661205_40372341_n 11997076_10203648807741207_2088280049_n

CAUTION at the back of the container.It says “Avoid too much sun exposure, EVEN while using a product with sunscreen” But I use it during day time whenever I go to work around 8 – 9am and I don’t experience any redness on my face.


I like that it comes with a super soft sponge in a separate container.Very hygienic.


Here is the “before” photo.

The color looks dark but when you apply it on your face it blends really well.


It has 15g of product in a hard plastic container. Not sure if it will last for a few months Parang ang onti kasi.


When swatch

It is quite sticky even application.But sets after few minutes

NOTE: Do NOT use a brush directly on the foundation as it hard to blend and does not glides on smoothly.I just use my finger to spread it evenly then damp it off using sponge (mine is real technique)


1 , 2 , 3


With: With the foundation cream,my face has a great coverage

Without: I have redness/red spots on the right side of my face

A little goes a long way – this is just one application of the foundation and it matches my skin.Also,it has a semi matte finish.



  • lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Hygienic packaging which comes with a sponge
  • medium coverage for those with skin imperfections and major acne but for me it has a full coverage since my face is smooth and acne free.
  • Lasted 6-7 hrs without getting cake-y
  • blot after 4 hours but there’s no need for a re-touch
  • retouch (with powder)after 6 hours
  • good for oily skin since it has a semi matte finish
  • with Vitamins and SPF
  • has a great coverage
  • it evens out my skin
  • Doesn’t transfer
  • translucent shade (fits for all skin tones)
  • blends really well if you use your finger/sponge (DO NOT USE A BRUSH it will not glides on easily)
  • can cover blemishes,redness and pimples with just one application
  • Good for photography – has a glowing/lightning effect (it looks as if I have highlighter ON,but I don’t)


  • Quite sticky
  • Smells like a rubber toy – but tolerable
  • too much application will tend to cake
  • no need to use a primer – it will not glides on easily
  • Using a MOISTURIZER is highly suggested
  • DO NOT apply with wet sponge – it will solidify
  • only available at HBC stores nationwide
  • Limited stocks

Overall, I highly recommend this to those with oily skin since it is really matte.

REMEMBER: If it works on me it doesn’t mean that it will work the same way.We all have different skin tones,might be normal to combination skin.Proper application is highly suggested.



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