DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me by Nature Essentials.This review was made with all honesty for your reference based on my experience or how it did reacted on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Know that I have sensitive skin; and I get oily on my t-zone area and under eyes. Better check your skin types and preferences.

12041929_10203730367700155_1600103296_nEven before this collection came out,I already knew about it.We actually waited few weeks for it to be launch.You probably knew that I love matte lipstick.And so I’m thrilled to test out the product.

Take note: It is made out of organic and natural elements.Chemical free and healthy on the lips.

Free from: Paraben,Lead,Mercury etc. (box)

Claims: Highly pigmented,intensely rich in moisture,long lasting matte finish lipstick that smoothly glides on the lips.

When we say “matte lipstick” something that is flat,without gloss/sheer,can be dull and has full coverage.The color payoff is rich,can be kiss proof and long lasting.But not all matte lipsticks are great despite the performance.Personally,I hate matte that are drying and tacky on the lips.Those that are flat & dull (just like the liquid matte) I would always go for semi to matte finish,preferably those like creamy yet long lasting,pigmented and glides on smoothly.Also,I’m sensitive in choosing the shades,price doesn’t matter as long as you get what you pay for or it exceeds your expectation.If you can buy MAC,NARS,BENEFIT?then why not avail something much lesser but works almost the same or waaayy better.We all have our own preferences,that’s how I want to see my money’s worth.It’s not about the brand name,for me its about being practical and at the same time satisfying yourself.

This is the second time that I will be trying a lipstick made with Natural ingredients.I must say,Its hard not to compare from my previous experience.

So NATURE ESSENTIALS recently launched their Hydrating Matte lipstick.There are 5 shades in these collection.I was fortunate enough & first to test out the product.




These two lipstick “Gorgeous Georgia” and “Sexy Amanda” were the first matte lipstick launched.

Sexy Amanda which has the “classic red” semi matte finish and quite shiny but when you blot your lips with tissue,it turns into matte.Gorgeous Georgia,the “nude” one which is a real matte.Flat and shine free.Both have a great coverage.

This retails at P799.00.Others would say “it is quite expensive”.As you continue reading,you will know if its really worth the money?

I would like to reiterate that it is based on my personal thoughts & experience.I do NOT want to be bias,as I would like to help the brand for a better improvement if there’s a need so.


  • Packaging – it is so unique and cute.I have never see anything like that.The box is very detailed. And aside from that it is wrap around with plastic.

 Nakita ko at naramdaman ko ung effort sa packaging pa lang.Physicians formula pa lang ung nakita ko may ganyan style but not with their lipstick.

  • Environmental friendly – from the box to the tube
  • Amount – it contains 5.2g more than just the regular lipstick content.
  •  Has SPF30
  • Chemical free – Pure organic
  • Affordable price – P799.00 less 10% off at the IGpreneurs.I mean from a unique packaging to the content,formulation & performance.You will see your money’s worth.That’s my personal preference.I understand not everybody can afford such price.They would think its expensive and all,but its like self-worth and investment for yourself.
  • I love the smell – not too strong and I was thinking like “may kaamoy siya na candy nung bata ako haha!” You know the milk cow? ganun ung amoy niya.Another one is the jelly stick,the red twist that you can get from Candy corner.Very sweet scent.
  • Very pigmented – 1 swatch is actually enough but if you prefer deep pigmentation 2 swatches is too much.If you know what I mean.
  • Color is buildable – again depending on your preference.
  • Its really creamy and glides on smoothly – true to its claim
  • Has a “minty effect” I don’t know how to describe it but it feels like peppermint on the lips and it lasted for a while.Malamig sa lips,which I’m not expecting.First time ko ma-experience un sa lipstick.
  • Very lightweight – hindi siya makapal sa feeling,but ofcourse if your not use to wearing lipstick hindi ka talaga sanay.I have tried several brands and I know how it feels pag meron at wala.
  • Has a semi matte to matte formulation
  • Non-drying and not tacky on the lips
  • has a lil balmsy texture that lightly hydrates the lips – thats why it glides on easily and turns into matte finish

What I like most – It did stain on my lips for a while.Nawala na ung lipstick pero may naiwan siya stain and very natural ung color.

  • It lasted 2 hours on me (Still) after I feed myself – I only reapply on the inner part.Once fade,it will leave a stain on your lips for a while.So 2-3hrs is really not bad.
  • Shades is suitable for all skin types

For someone who is Morena like me its really hard to pull off a nude lipstick.May mga nude na mukha ka pale,hindi talaga bagay but Im glad that GEORGIA is suitable for my skin even PURE HELEN which is somewhat “soft brown”.

Few things that I noticed:

  • It transfer (Sexy Amanda) because of the shiny texture – so make sure to blot & not to apply too much as it is really pigmented.

  • Only 5 shades to choose from BUT more to come out soon!
  • re-application on the inner lips is necessary once you eat heavy meal – 2 to 3 hours is really long lasting but when we eat,it is impossible not to re-apply even liquid lipstick that claims to be matte tend to fade on the inner part.
  • The cap doesn’t have a strong lock,once inserted you just have to slide it.(no big deal)

Overall,I really looooove these lipstick.Both have a great coverage & pigmentation.Matte and importantly non-drying.It is highly recommended for those with sensitive preferences because of its natural ingredients.I really like it.(feels like heaven!!)And oh!The content is more than just a regular lipstick,for sure it will be abuse.

I also want to commend the brand for doing a great job during the first launch.I felt the dedication to provide a great formula & even the packaging.

You may also visit their INSTAGRAM account and FACEBOOK Page






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