I have seen it many times but I don’t know why it took me so long to try out the product knowing it has tea tree oil.

What is Tea tree oil by the way and how does it work?

Basically it uses to treat skin infection. It may also kill bacteria and reduce allergic skin reactions. Meaning it is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin and is prone to acne as it can help to heal or dry the pimples easily. Though I’m not prone to acne and pimples but have sensitive skin. I immediately purchased the product and give it a try. Why not? For only P90.00 such a steal!

It  comes in 4 different shades

  • Soft bisque
  • Almond
  • Oriental
  • Natural


I got the shade in ORIENTAL


I would like to share with you that I did a research and read a lot of reviews about it for the past year and mostly feedback like needs improvement. Why?

It claims:


For someone like me who have smooth skin with only redness and visible veins on my face, I don’t need much coverage. Honestly, I don’t expect any coverage from this concealer based on the comments.However; I know it is truly unfair to judge the product without testing it and since we all have different skin types and preferences. I wanted to give it a try. I was expecting a simple formula which somehow helps to conceal the pimples to what it claims.

So I started cleaning my face and use the product without any moisturizer and primer on. I am really excited to test if it can conceal my under eye and the redness around my nose. Upon application I did not notice the difference until I took a photo of me and to my surprise I see visible changes under my eye even with one layer of the concealer


(LEFT with concealer / RIGHT without)

I got curious as to why it got negative impact to others when in fact I see how it provides coverage and hides the fine lines under my eye. Now, I immediately asked Denice Sy @denicedaily if they improve the formula and she said it is the same as before. And I was telling myself “maganda siya infairness 90.00 pesos lang pero ung issue ko sa under eye ko natakpan niya.”

From then, I started using the concealer daily as part of my makeup routine. It works really well. Not a holy grail but with how it performs? Maganda ung coverage niya with all honesty.Having this type of skin,for me it provides medium to full coverage.Since it is blend-able and not cake-y.But for others with major acne, blemishes or pimples; few layers might help you to get the coverage you wanted. Plus the tea tree oil which helps your pimples to heal easily and the minty effect it gives on the skin. It works great. The coverage is natural and the texture is just an average,not too liquid-y. Non irritating and non sticky.

Others would comment about the stinging sensation they experience, because of the tea tree oil daw when they use it under eye area. I don’t feel any sting, I’m using it for how many days and I have NOT experience any sting under my eyes. Knowing that I have sensitive skin,still I don’t feel any sting or masakit sa mata as what others felt. Wala ako naramdaman na ganun and there’s no need to worry about using this product because it is proven and tested. What I can share with you is NOT to apply too much product, proper application has something to do with how you apply it. Even professionals are mindful of how they use a certain product.

 This is the right application: on the inner “V” the middle section of your eyelid



I like that it includes the MFD, BATCH No. and Validity of 24 months

Longevity: Since I have combination skin. I applied a layer on my t-zone area (where I tend to oil up) to test if the oil will build up fast and it lasted 4 hours on me before I blot and re-touch.

As for the scent, it smells minty with a strong hair dye fragrance(that I don’t like) Quite strong if you smell it directly on the tube but during application it fades immediately.

According to Denice Sy “the strong scent is due to its formulated tea tree oil which makes it effective,as it heals and conceals.You will notice your pimple start drying within a couple uses” by the way she’s using the concealer too.

The packaging is very simple,hard plastic tube. I like that it comes with a doe foot applicator that makes it easier to use.However,the applicator is not soft and somewhat irritating during the application.”medyo matigas kasi ung applicator kaya pag paulit ulit ginamit medyo masakit”11998325_10203662632846826_1304152056_n

Overall, this concealer performs really well considering the price.Plus the tea tree oil content. I highly recommend it to those with sensitive skin and minor blemishes.Especially if you’re on a tight budget.It has wide shades which is suitable for all skin tones.Will definitely re-stock.



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