I will be reviewing the EB SHADE LIPSTICK which comes in 12 shades. From Pink-ish to RED. BUT I only purchased the shades that I wanted. Something that would suits for “morena” skin color. Since I have pale-lips a lighter pink or neutral color may stand out.

The packaging is very detailed. It includes the shades,validity months – 24months, Batch No., MFD date.

It is very feminine, reminds me of MAC Hey Sailor.

         There’s a balm in the middle

To be honest I was just ignoring it whenever I drop by at the EB stall, I was thinking like “Ah na! Never mind it’s just a gloss” Yeah it’s quite cheap for only P95.00 3.5g and I can discard it anytime, if it doesn’t satisfy me, right? why not get a MATTE or a SUPREME lipstick instead wasting your money. I just don’t feel like getting one and try if it is worth the hype compared to other line of lipstick.

By the way they have MATTE lipstick which is P165.00 and SUPREME lipstick P195.00 or P199.00.

Going back, so yesterday I came across to the EB section, It did caught my attention when I saw the swatches like ROSY MIRAGE , PINK TEMPRESS and FIERCE RUBY” I swatch it on my hand and it seems like a semi – matte finish.I was not expecting it. I was awed like “WOW!” I mean for the price P95.00 – The formula is really great. Also, knowing that it has a balm in the middle that helps hydrate/moisturize the lips, still the finish is semi- matte. Non-drying but a bit sticky I was also amazed with the formula. It has a simple pigmentation. It is expected that after eating the color will fade off easily. And you need to re-apply the product. As for the scent, it smells like “MUNCHKINS” from DUNKIN DONUT which I don’t like but it’s tolerable. I can even taste the scent though. Try to smack your lips. Weird. But again it didn’t bother me.

 FIERCE RUBY – is more of a berry red.Very dark when worn.
PINK TEMPTRESS – is like a purple-ish pink.

ROSY MIRAGE – has a pink nude tone.Very natural.I love wearing it everyday.

If you want something semi-matte that glides smoothly on your lips, for everyday wear or for those with dry lips. I highly recommend this product. It is worth trying.

NOTE: You have to consider that if you have drying lips of course, you don’t want to go for a matte lipstick. Using a balm will help you.

I’ve been using EB LIP PRODUCTS for 2 years now and I really love the consistency of their lipstick. It never disappoints me. I should have try these line of lipstick even before.


Department stores

drug stores





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