DISCLAIMER: These mineral powder foundation was sent to me by Ms.Ivy Le Blanc of LE BLANC’S BEAUTY & SCENTSATION. I will give my honest thoughts based on my experience using the product.This review was made with all honesty for your reference based on my experience or how it did reacted on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Know that I have sensitive skin; and I get oily on my t-zone area and under eyes. Better check your skin types and preferences.


What is the difference between pressed powder and loose powder?

First, let us define the difference of the two. Pressed powder is solid made compact which contains ingredients like silicone and waxes. Kaya nga compact pag madami ka nilagay sa face may tendency mag cake since solid ang texture niya. Unlike with loose powder this are commonly formulated to provide lightweight coverage un nga lang makalat gamitin kasi nga nakalagay lang siya sa isang container or jar. In terms of travel friendly mas gusto natin ang pressed powder kasi semi-solid and madali gamitin. But did you know that loose powder usually is made with mineral ingredients like these.

As you continue reading I will be sharing you my experience using the mineral powder from Le Blanc’s. I have never tried using pure mineral loose powder. I tried Ben Nye and RCMA pero hindi naman sila organic although maganda talaga and mahal.


The Beauty & ScentSation’s latest products is a pure organic mineral makeups that contains Vitamin E for anti-oxidant, beeswax, mineral colorants and organic oils for more moisturizing and healthy glowing skin.
Mineral makeup comprises of minerals, which are pulverized and sterilized into fine powder form. The makeup is made using zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and 100%-micronized minerals, which are free from chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation to the skin. In addition, it contains pure iron, which absorbs heat. All the ingredients used are free from artificial fragrance, chemicals, silicone. Mineral or pure makeup gives an awesome feeling, when a woman wears it. In addition, it gives a youthful glow along with a natural look. This makeup is ideal for various types of skin including hypersensitive, oily, and dry skin.Pure makeup helps in covering wrinkles, broken capillaries, red spots, acne scars, fine lines, and reflects sunlight.


Basically, this is made for loose powder. Somehow, I find the jar quite small because of too much product inside. I like how simple yet informative it is. You can see the brand, description and amount of the product on top.

Net content: 20 grams – good for 6 months to 1 year depending of use.

Price: P350.00 – which goes a long way. It’s worth buying because this will last you for a long time. Plus it is made with pure organic mineral ingredients. Remember that mineral makeup doesn’t expire. Matipid siya gamitin.


It also includes the Ingredients and shade at the bottom.


What do they have in common?

You can never go wrong with any shades. It blends and adapts to your skin tone very well without looking too light or dark.

Available in 5 different shades that are suitable for all skin types


  • FROSTED CREAM & MILKY VANILLA – good for those with fair and natural skin
  • CARAMEL CREAM & CHOCO CARAMEL– good for those “Morena” or has medium skin tone
  • WARM BEIGE – this is better as a blending powder to match the foundations/powder that are too pale because it has a visible yellow undertone.It balance out light to medium skin tones.

These are comparable to BEN NYE LUXURY POWDER not just with the shades but with the texture.


ben nye

Very fine milled texture similar with ELANA HD Powder and RCMA powder.



What I like about:

  • Quality wise very affordable
  • Great for those with hypersensitivity
  • Made with pure organic ingredients
  • Lasted 5 hours without reapplication
  • It blends on the skin
  • Silky-fine consistency
  • Matte finish
  • has a yellow undertone
  • Can absorb excess oil
  • It reduce redness & visible blemishes
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Can wear alone
  • Doesn’t settle into fine lines
  • Good as base even without a foundation on
  • Fine consistency
  • No expiration Date
  • Has variety of shades to choose from
  • Smells like Johnsons baby powder
  • Lightweight
  • Good as a setting powder


  • Messy and hard to transport – common to loose powder
  • Not applicable for wet application

This is how it looks on me


7:00AM when I finish my makeup

9:30AM I blot and to my surprise I got minimal oil which I didn’t expect. Pawis na nga ako nag jeep ako from Makati avenue to PBCOM then nag underpass to BPI main office then I waited for like 10mins I rode  a jeep on my way to work and super init. Imagine I tend to blot always pero pagdating ko sa clinic I was expecting oily na t-zone area ko and fade na ung powder ko.The usual di ba?pag mainit at pawis ka na.Pero wala ako nakuha sa blotting paper as in onti lang.When I look at the mirror ok pa ung face ko hindi ako nag retouch until 1pm. It may seem nothing special about the powder, or how it looks. But what made it really special is the coverage ung power nung powder. And it’s not sticky. It did absorb the oil. That’s the reason why I had to share this powder to my friend’s kasi nagustuhan nila ung coverage. They tried it on and nagandahan sila.

I am totally impress.I highly suggest this for those with oily and combination skin. This is formulated to soften the appearance of pores, absorb oil and reduce redness. It definitely sets the makeup. Very affordable for only P350.00 you get more than what you pay for. And it will last for a long time. Maganda talaga ung coverage nito powder. And hindi ka mahihirapan maghanap ng shade kasi suitable sa lahat ng skin tone.

For orders and inquiry checkout their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM account




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