FEATURED BRAND: Verdon X Clareal

DISCLAIMER: This products was sent to me by YOUR CROWNING GLORY.This review was made with all honesty for your reference based on my experience or how it did reacted on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Know that I have sensitive skin; and I get oily on my t-zone area and under eyes. Better check your skin types and preferences.

Verdon X Clareal


Claims to: Super perfect for colored, lifeless hair, dry hair, frizzy, wavy, hair fall , dandruffs and brittle hair .
this is a do-it-yourself hair spa.Do it at the comfort of your home.NO need to PAY for an expensive hair spa that won’t last

FAQs from Your Crowning Glory on Instagram


To be honest I have never tried using anything on my hair except for shampoo and conditioner. I have super black hair (not the usual) and a bit natural highlight of brownish color to some parts. So when the owner of your crowning glory offered me their products I was really excited and nervous at the same time haha.

NOTE: They sell AUTHENTIC hair essentials. That’s why I also agreed. No worries.

VERDON Keratin Hair Spa Papaya Juices


What is Papaya juices?




How to use:

Apply a small amount of shampoo on wet hair,spread evenly. Massage and rinse. Repeat with a second application as required and rinse thoroughly.



Verdon + Clareal = Vereal Package  P280 pesos

Net Content:


Here’s how it looks like.Super white and the texture is not too watery.


So beware with FAKE verdon products like these. I don’t own one (and never) so naghanap ako sa google for your reference

(credits to the owner – google images)


My experience with Verdon and Clareal

My hair is naturally bouncy but not tangle free. I started using Verdon 2 days ago as my conditioner. Basically, it works almost like that just make sure to massage it all over your hair para mas bongga. Madulas siya sa hair so better rinse it well. I also tried using it alone without a shampoo. And it did feel really lightweight, my hair felt so smooth and tangle free. I don’t even use a brush to comb my hair. I also like the smell not too strong and kahit pinawisan ako ang bango pa din sa buhok. I don’t experience anything like minty or cold around the scalp kasi diba ung iba hair spa ganun daw ung feeling. After using this bagsak un hair ko hindi ako nag suklay the whole day as in wave lang ng kamay but seriously it feels really smooth,soft and shiny. I like it! After I took a bath I sprayed the clareal all over my hair pero onti lang and I focused on the split ends and ung mga endings ng hair ko. It smells good but one thing that I noticed is parang wet look ung effect niya sa hair so better not to apply too much. Ako kasi to be honest ayoko mukha wet look ung hair ko but it’s not sticky. Kahit mainitan ka hindi siya malagkit sa buhok. This is really good. So the next day I didn’t apply any shampoo as in naligo lang ako and what I like about these two it maintained by hair so silky and soft.

This is how it looks after using Verdon and Clareal. Ang ganda ng hair ko!

Note: I don’t use a brush to comb my hair.Fingers lang and it’s so bongga!


If you have thick hair or looking for a good hair essentials.I highly recommend these two. So far the best products I have tried for my hair.

For orders and inquiry checkout their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM account.

They sell authentic hair products and very affordable.




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