DISCLAIMER: These was sent to me by SKIN BEAUTANICALS. I will give my honest thoughts based on my experience using the products.






STEP 1: Make sure to clip your hair – avoiding any hair contact on the face.This will also make you feel ease while washing your face. Since I have a short hair I love to use a clip on both sides.

STEP 2: Make sure to clean your hands – as a nurse I was inclined to do the “hand washing technique” which are strictly followed in the medical field.


STEP 3: Wet your face – since my face is tired from the makeup and dirt I recommend to use warm water, with this it helps to open the pores and release the dirt by deeper cleansing. Yes anything that has to do with pores you should remember this formula. haha!

“CC = Cold to close and WO = warm to open” This is the prior and after make-up routine that you should get use to.

STEP 4: Apply the facial wash or Soap – I use the Miracle Full strength whitening soap with instant lift included in the set which claims to triple whitening, anti-blemish, double anti-aging and clarifying.Ideal for all skin types, this organic botanically rich facial soap helps maintain a healthy skin pH while removing impurities and excessive oils. It improves texture, pigmentation, tone and elasticity.Battles the appearance of wrinkles by improving elasticity and smoothness, preventing collagen loss and reinforcing the collagen network.Dissolves dirt and oil while normalizing overactive oil production.Fights breakout-causing bacteria to keep skin looking clear.


Net content: 90 gms

Price: 200

So I cut it into 2,Start cleaning the face from forehead down to the nose, then cheek areas to the chin and neck. While cleaning make sure to massage your face in a circular motion this will help the oxygen and blood circulation. I like the scent of this soap smells like “melon” plus it feels good on the face , very easy to glides on and it feels soft and bubbling. It is also savey to use because it’s foamy. Natanggal niya ung makeup ko without a need to re-do. May mga soap kasi na kaylangan mo pa gamitin ulit para maalis ung buong left over makeup sa face,with this I don’t have to re-do it.I don’t feel any irritation plus my skin doesn’t break out meaning it is safe to use.

NOTE: It has a micro peeling effect and I noticed it 3 days after using. I have peeling skin around my eyes and on the corner of my nose and chin.These are usually dead skin and dry skin but be aware that there’s a tendency to feel a lil bit prickly especially when your applying foundation on your face.Strictly avoid exposure to sunlight.Read the instructions carefully.On my case I had to stop using this soap for a while kasi mahapdi talaga sa face ung effect ng peeling especially I always go to work.Using a milder soap can be an option as long as you’re “hiyang” with your facial soap.

STEP 5: Rinse the face – to remove the soap and make sure to pat dry.

STEP 6: Use a Toner – I highly suggest doing this because not all the dirt on your face can actually remove by using just the soap. Here I use the rejuvederm night toner (of course during night time and DAY TONER for daytime)

1 2

Net content: both 30ml

Price: P178.00 each


After cleansing, apply desired amount over affected areas (can be used over the entire body) avoiding newly waxed, plucked or shaved areas, open wounds and rashes, and leave it overnight to provide age defying and whitening actions. Use every day for best results. Good for dry & mature normal skin types.

Major components:
Apple Fruit Bio-Active Complex
Aloe Vera
Emu Oil
Argan Oil
Alpha Arbutin
Plant Based Lactiv Acid & Vitamins A, C, E

It smells like melon too and it did removes the dirt on my face especially the so called “left over makeup”.(see next photo)One thing that I really like about this is I don’t feel any tingling sensation even under my eyes. It feels easy and relieving to use on the face. The scent is not strong and I don’t experience any irritation. Parang water lang ung nilagay ko which for me is a good product kasi madali mag react skin ko pag hindi maganda ung ginagamit ko sa face. I tried using the koji toner and super nag hapdi ung face ko that”s why I’m so grateful these came in just in time. I immediately switch and I super love it.It is better and safe to use a toner made of organic. This is my first time to use an organic pure toner and I can really tell I am satisfied.

see how effective it is


STEP 7: Apply a moisturizer – this will help to prepare the skin.

Here I’m using the REJUVEDERM NIGHT CREAM which

Brightens the overall skin complexion
Lightens the appearance of age spots, liver spots, freckles, melasma, and other skin discolorations
Visibly refills wrinkles and helps to replump skin for renewed smoothness
Promotes bringing healthy new cells to your skin’s surface, gently
Enriched with antioxidants that help skin recover from daily damage
Skin looks breathtakingly radiant, refined and perfectly smooth
Whisks away dullness

Usage: Apply LIGHTLY and evenly over cleansed and toned face and neck before bedtime

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Apple Cell Extract, AHA from Grape Juice and Lemon Juice, Plant-derived Lactic Acid, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract,Licorice Root Extract, Alpha Arbutin Fruit Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Coq10, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Rosehip Oil, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Kojic Acid


SPF 60
helps protect skin from harmful sun exposure
Anti-oxidants                                                                                                                                                                             help protect skin from premature aging effects
a blend of emollients help to keep the skin moisturized

APPLICATION: Smooth evenly over freshly cleaned face, before sun exposure. Reapply as needed after towel drying, swimming or perspiring.

Major Components
Skin Cell Activator, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Rosemary, Shea Butter, Vitamins ACE

Net content: 10g – which can last you for a month if everyday use.A little amount can actually spread evenly onto the face.

Price: P200.00

If your face is oily and has a tendency to oil up fast during day time it is advisable to apply a moisturizer at night. I was happy to use the night cream since I’m always out for work the whole day it is only during the night time I have the chance to use it. Imagine this set includes a day and night cream, how nice it is. The “day cream” included in the set have an SPF60 sun protection. Both smells like “melon” it is very lightweight on the face and not sticky. Application wise a little goes a long way since it is very easy to glides on and not too thick. Actually even my husband uses it and according to him he likes the effect on the skin when waking up. Sabi niya mabango and smooth.

12086970_10203817352554722_710279966_n 12080705_10203815802435970_773492904_n

Here’s my “after routine” and “next day effect” on the face.

My face is moisturizing and It feels really lightweight and soft


Overall, I like how helpful it is having in one set. Also the price is affordable and resonable since it is made with healthy elements. Organic na yan ha ang mura na for a set and it will last a long time naman matipid kasi gamitin. Girls If there’s a whitening involved of course I cannot justify it as of now since I started using this for 6 days. It could be a lightening or glowing effect. I was also happy as to how it turned my skin really smooth and soothing. Malambot talaga sa face and non drying the whole day.

I’m thankful beyond words given a chance to try out these great products.

Thank you to Ms.Roxanne and the whole Skin Beautanical’s team for having affordable products like these.

A friendly reminder: I have sensitive skin and I have not experience any irritation or break out during the use of products (even if it’s made of organic). I did the review for your reference based on my experience and its effect on my skin. DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same as it did on me. Better check your skin types and preferences.

For orders and inquiries please follow them on INSTAGRAM




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