How to Clean Makeup Brushes in cheap and easy way

Today, I’m going to share my ultimate routine on how I clean my makeup brushes without a need to spend too much.


To start of here are the tools that you need and definitely you can find them everywhere even at home.

An empty canister or Tupperware will do. I got mine at American Bazaar Ayala MRT for only P68.00. You can also find this type of container in Beabi around P70.00 – 90.00 depending on the size.


Instead of getting these (see photo below) P800.00-1,500

clean brush shampoo olive oil review how to clean brushes beauty blender


You can buy a moisturizing soap for only P36.00 or less P100.00. Mine is from the Body Recipe HBC Ayala MRT. It’s a milk soap which I have been using for a year now. I like that it makes my brushes soft and it really removes the dirt even stain.

I prefer to use soap instead of shampoo or any liquid soap or oil based. Soap can really remove the dirt and stains just by swirling the brush around. I don’t think using oil based cleaner or shampoo can help you clean your brushes, did you know that it will only make the bristles greasy. We all have preferences and that’s how I see it.

Sabi nga nila “been there , done that”


Another thing that you need is an Egg brush. A lot have been selling this online but mines from SUESH Glorietta 5.

Why get a sigma gloves worth 1,000 or maybe higher


when you can get this for only P100.00


Last thing that you need is a brush guard. But this is optional especially if you don’t have one.

It is also available online P150-200 for 10 to 12pcs. I got mine from SUESH Glorietta 5 for only P225.00 10pcs. It was on SALE. Ganun din pag online may shipping fee pa.


Then I put the soap inside the canister. Much better if you happen to find a circular soap that can fit in.


It works like this (see photo below)


You can actually melt the soap so it can fit in
Wet the brushes thoroughly with water then swirl it gently onto a bar of soap


Make sure to lightly rub it to the brush egg to remove the dirt


then rinse it with water (warm water much better)


 I’m using a paper towel to soak the liquid on the brushes before I lay it flat on top of a clean towel to dry overnight. You can put a brush guard while letting it dry but again its optional.


I hope you find this review helpful especially if you’re on a tight budget.



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