EB Advance liquid lipstick

EB Advance liquid lipstick comes in 6 shades 4 of which are deep colors and 2 peachy nude to soft pink hue.


Right now it is only available at Waltermart North Edsa and Waltermart Makati 2nd flr Activation Booth only until  Sunday November 15, 2015.This is just a small launched if I may say since they are trying to see if the market would gratify this gorgeous liquid lipstick but will soon be available in Watsons. If you would ask me then, Why not! I’m not trying to be OA here, let’s be honest especially with their lipstick since I’m using it since college. Everbilena are getting pace in producing great products, that in my opinion can actually compete with a non-local brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon. From opacity to lasting power plus it is always on the budget. Even students can avail that stuff without a need to splurge on branded lipstick. But it always depends with how you spend your money and how you handle your addiction.


Basically, this liquid lipstick is house in a clear tube with a cute small doe foot applicator.


The tube is well labeled which made it more advertising. It is very specific with the shades too, what you see around the tube is the same shade that you actually see inside.


Price: P180.00

Net wt: 5ml

The description and ingredients are actually on the plastic cover wrap around the tube.


Shades, Batch No, MFD and Validity are at the bottom


As I’ve mention earlier, 4 shades are very dramatic and bold. 2 are just plain simple, very light.



As for the scent, it smells sweet but it’s very light. I hardly smell it actually. Which is really good and it doesn’t even taste anything.

When it comes to texture, formula and consistency it’s not really liquid-y thus it is creamy. It glides on smoothly and much pigmented with just one swipe. That something that I really love about this liquid lipstick, the formula is very buildable and experimental in such a way that you can have it dries down into satin or semi to matte finish. I love playing with these! I just love how wearable and lightweight it is. Although at first application it is a bit sticky which is normal to a liquid lipstick yet after 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Yes I use a timer haha!


It sets really well like you won’t feel that much stickiness.

One option if you wanted to get a matte glaze right after application is to blot a tissue paper.


  Another option is to wear lip liner if you wanted your lips to look more define and bold. But again, it’s just an alternative.

 On this photo I’m using the shade in RICH VINO which is the darkest out of the other shades. It has a deep plum hue.  This timeframe shows you how the formula and finish looks on my lips pre and post application.


1st application on the photo it looks lustrous but definitely it feels creamy and doesn’t slip off like a lip gloss.

Once you blot you get that kind of finish which still looks silky but the feeling is actually semi matte.

After 3 hours the shiny part on my lips is lessen yet the color is still opaque and the feeling is matte but non-drying and not tacky or sticky at all. Really moisturizing and I don’t feel the need to re-apply. I even drink water and ate a biscuit. Nakakaloka!


On this photo I’m using the shade in PINK PEARL just a perfect muted pink. Super bagay sa morena.

Longevity wise as you can see I ate Belgian waffle with a blueberry and choco hazelnut inside, I also drink Grande Christmas pannetone. I was expecting it to fade easily but voila. I still have it on and it did stays on for 4 hours. I just drink water afterwards. Overall lasting power is 5-6 hours on me. Staining is not even included during those hours.

Here’s how it did stain on me for 1-2 hours.I ate chicken joy and burger steak for dinner with drinks.



Overall Verdict

Very affordable

Cute packaging and applicator

It feels lightweight

Sweet scent

Very pigmented

Semi to matte finish


Lasting power is 5-6 hours

Doesn’t fade off easily

Limited availability

Very moisturizing on the lips

The colors are wearable

Quite sticky

It did stain

Imagine for only P180.00 you get more than what you pay for. Such a great quality, I’m impressed with how they come up with this although hindi naman siya bago sa market but the fact that it’s the only local brand who made it possible. From the pigmentation and packaging. This is one hot stuff! I’m sure this new line will go like hot cakes.

It will be available in nationwide really soon.



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