Say Tioco brush set by Nature Essentials retails at P850.00. I find it affordable and very useful.

For me it is very important to build your vanity with the right tools. They say you can buy the most expensive makeup brand but you have to invest on brushes. Each has its purpose and uses, so one or two is not considering enough to use in all aspect of your face. The reason why I’m grateful having this set of brushes Like how can you use the powder brush for contouring all at the same time?

This set has a renewable Bamboo handles and synthetic fiber. The bristles are fluffy and soft. I clean it twice a week and it doesn’t shed. It dries not longer than the usual and it feels really smooth on the face upon application. I also observed that the foundation brush can easily be cleansed even just the makeup wipes or wet cloth. To be honest, since I got this set I rarely use my other brushes.


11pcs Wooden Brush made in China that includes:

1 x Angled Brow & Liner Brush (approx. 15cm)
1 x Eye Kabuki Brush (approx. 13.7cm)
1 x Eyeshadow Brush (approx. 16.5cm)
1 x Eye Blending Brush (approx. 17cm)
1 x Concealer Brush (approx. 15cm)
1 x Eco Kabuki Brush (app 5.5cm)
1 x Flat Top Brush (approx. 10cm)
1 x Long Handle Kabuki Brush (approx. 10.5cm)
1 x Blush Brush (approx. 17cm)
1 x Foundation Brush (approx. 17.5cm)
1 x Blending Brush (approx. 17cm)



Angled Brow & Liner Brush – has a duo purpose. It is a sharp thin slanted edge that creates natural and even application of brow powder; it works as an eyeliner brush for that perfect winged liner too.6

Eye Kabuki Brush – this is ideal for blending of eye shadow on the lining or inner corner of the eyes.2

Angled Eye shadow Brush – it is a condensed brush that helps to apply eye shadow from lash line to crease.1

Eye Blending Brush – specifically use for blending powdered eye shadows, it helps to tone down the pigmentation with just a stroke. However, I find it more useful for concealer application. Yes I use it as a CONCEALER brush, this dome shaped fits perfectly in concealing under eye with the cream concealer.4

Concealer Brush – is use for concealer application but most of the time I use it in cleaning or concealing the edges of my eyebrows.3

Eco Kabuki Brush and Flat Top Brush – both can be use for applying liquid or cream type makeup. It has a dense fiber with soft bristles. It provides quicker, easier, and airbrushed-look for a flawless finish.



Long Handle Kabuki Brush – is best use as a powder brush. Its dome shape top is perfect for grabbing pigment and tapping off excess powder.10

Blush Brush – it is use for shading cheeks and face with a blush. But it can also be use in highlighting the cheek bones and contour application for a more sculpted look.8

Foundation Brush – can be use in areas that needs more coverage like acne, pimples, red marks etc. I’d rather use it for finishing unpolished look because of the flat surface which is suitable as all over application including fine areas of the face.7

Blending Brush – it is use for shading and blending cream type or powdery products. If you’re a fan of using highlighter or contour this does help to accentuate areas of the face.5

This set is a great investment for those who are beginners and a good alternative for pro-makeup artist and enthusiast.

Get it only at NATURE ESSENTIALS. You may also visit their websiteFacebook page and Instagram account.





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