DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference.This product was sent to me by Sooperbeaute.

I have high demands when it comes to makeup removers. I don’t mind if it is watery in texture or quite oily as long as it doesn’t feel sticky, stingy and irritating on the skin plus it definitely works as a remover then I have nothing against it. Because, a good makeup remover is just as important, as the makeup that I’m taking off.


This is the newest product of Sooperbeaute and by far one of the cheapest makeup removers I have tried.




It is housed in this spill proof “violet” clear plastic bottle. And what do you expect from Sooperbeaute? Definitely their adorable shabbychic inspired labels. So cute! If you see the texture of the product you can actually spot a pink-ish glow inside. And because it is a mixture of water and oil, you can see how the water separates from the oil when the product is not in use. So better shake it well before using.


This retails for P380.00 for 60ml of product. Affordable and way better than those chemical made removers.

A mixture of water and oil based content; that actually works better than some pricier brands in the market. Yes proven and tested. I have used it several times specially on my lips whenever I wear kiss proof lipstick. You can get rid even the matte-iest lipstick without irritating your lips. The fact that it feels moisturizing and quite refreshing makes me want to use it every time.

Despite of how it smells really good, this doesn’t feel stingy or irritating on the skin. But just like any other scented makeup removers, though this doesn’t smell so strong. You have to be mindful in using it on the lips. Ever tried using a strong scented perfume that you can actually taste it? Nah! It’s normal.


It’s not bad to invest on high end makeup removers but if you’re on a tight budget and looking for something naturally made and does the job. Then I highly recommend this.

Get this only from Sooperbeaute

For orders and inquiry you may follow them on INSTAGRAM

Sooperbeaute IG



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