ELELLA Ginseng Therapy Cushion Foundation

CLAIMS: Ginseng extract and 10 different plant extracts provide nutrition and moisture to your skin. White pearl extract brightens your skin. With makeup function added to skin, Elella Foundation provides natural mask that conceals dullness and imperfections on your skin. Elella Ginseng Therapy Cushion Foundation has SPF 50 PA+++, whitening and anti-wrinkle.


  1. Provide whitening effect
  2. Provide anti-wrinkle effect
  3. Protect skin from UV-light (SPF50+,PA+++)


  1. Squeeze adequate amount and apply throughout your skin and tap.
  2. Apply as much as you want to cover and tap to finish.


  1. If you see any of the symptoms described below while using this product, stop using the product, as it may worsen the symptoms, and go see a dermatologist immediately.
  2. Symptoms of rashes, itchiness, swelling, or irritation while using the product.
  3. Any symptoms above caused by direct lighting.
  4. for external use only.

*Do not apply onto any scars, eczema, or dermatitis.


  1. Keep products tightly closed after use
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Keep products at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.
  4. UV-light blocking rating for this product was measured according to UV-light blocking standard provided by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

 PRICE: P3,175.00 very expensive but you are actually paying the benefits of this product.

NET WT: 30g

I have never tried using a cushion foundation and so I was too excited to put this to a test. It comes with a chunky compact that reveals a mirror, puff and a cover on top of the cushion itself. It has a squishy texture like a sponge that when press it immediately produce a small amount of product and then reform to its original shape. So cute! I knew that nowadays this has been all over asia mainly in korea which started back in 2008 if I’m not mistaken.

Anyways, I got it from Beauty Essentials by Eren McKay, they sell wide variety of products from skin care, to whitening, hair care and makeup. Most of the brands are known authentic and are international products. Elella is one of the top brands from Beauty Essentials when it comes to Skin Care, it includes main element which is Ginseng, a popular ingredients for skin care due to its natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties. You can also see this in toners, moisturizers, facial wash and lotions. Just like the claims of this product, this can create an even skin tone if you have wrinkles as it soothes inflammation.

As a makeup enthusiast I prefer using makeup that are very essential to my skin, those that are healthy and free from chemical elements (most of the time).

I was overwhelmed when I started using this, although I got the shade in Natural Beige which is quite lighter than my skin tone but I like the effect on my skin. It has a dewy finish which can be lessen with the use of a matte powder or just the normal setting powder. It also glides on smoothly upon application, though the coverage is very light but still it manages to help my face looks brighter and fresh. This has an illuminating effect too which also be use as a highlighter alone or just to give out glow on the face. This is also very lightweight on the skin and not sticky. It doesn’t emphasize dryness nor tend to cake up throughout the day.

As for skin types, I have normal to combination skin (see disclaimer) and for me this is good for those with dry to normal skin due to its dewy effect. It is not advisable as well to use a moisturizer as it will only build too much oil the whole day.

If you have oily skin, I highly suggest using primer that will help hold the product so it will lessen build up of oil.

Lasting Power: It lasted me 4-5 hours before I blot since my t-zone area is already oily. After that I set it with powder and still my face looks great. About another 3 hours when I had to do my second blot and saw my eyebrows fading, no more contour and blushes started to wear off.

Overall, a total of 8 hours to be exact and I would say that it works well on me tho the shade is a bit lighter but I actually set it with a darker shade of powder to compliment the color.This has a light to medium coverage, build-able and lightweight. It looks refreshing and healthy on the skin, but I have to admit that the price is really expensive.

You can get this at BEAUTY ESSENTIALS by EREN MCKAY located at 2nd level Fisher Mall and Robinsons Metroeast Pasig. You may also order via Zalora Ph.Follow us on Instagram BEAUTY_ESSENTIALSBYEM



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