Skin Beautanicals Medicated Spray


I haven’t try using a medicated deodorant or anything infused with natural ingredients that’s why I am so happy when Sis Roxanne of Skin Beautanicals sent me this along with their newest products.

We all sweat, no matter how long or how much we gained throughout the day but the fact is, we all sweat and it’s normal. Ever since I only use Roxanne deo roll on, I have tried using the same brand saying it will keep you from sweat and all that positive claims but turned out to be just literally for the sake of advertisement. Not even working for others.

This claims to:


  • Controls sweat and odor
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant
  • Reduces chicken skin
  • Whitens underarms

Net Wt:  It comes with 60ml of product


Packaging: Housed with a clear plastic tube, well description and labels on the bottle. Comes with a pump too for accessible use.


Note: The pump is quite hard to manipulate so be careful because it spritz too much product. Sayang.


Thoughts: Sometimes it’s really bothering whenever we sweat a lot especially if we’re talking about underarms baby! Haha! I sweat a lot especially if I’m wearing plain white or color coded top. It is obvious that my under arms is too exposed from sweat. But of course it smells good because of the strong effect from the deo. Commercially made deodorants usually have heavy fragrances. And my main concern is that I don’t know how to prevent it from sweating and thank goodness for this. I only sprit once on both armpit and it’s so amazing how it lessen me from sweating. Swear! First 2 days of using it, I proved to myself that it works really amazing! Now it’s already 1 month proven and tested, I was exposed under the heat earlier, waiting for a cab on my way home and I was sweating big time talaga but when I got home my underarm got moist only but not sweating like forever.  Of course the deodorant won’t control too much perspiration in the body but the fact that this kind of natural deo is hypoallergenic, non-sticky, doesn’t leave yellow stain (which normally happens) and doesn’t feel itchy or stingy it has a big impact to prevent the bacteria from growing. As of now I haven’t notice any changes when it comes to whitening effect because it takes time not even in just a single snap

I considered it to be my first holy grail deodorant. And looking forward to buying (my second tube) when I ran out of it. I highly recommend it to everyone; this is really beneficial in all ages from teens to adulthood.

Get it only from SKIN BEAUTANICALS



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