I was so thrilled when I got this glam box full of heavenly goodies. Urgh!Made my day…really!

Sooperbeaute is well known on Instagram and Facebook as they cater skin care and cosmetics that are a mixture of natural ingredients. They also have stall and dealers nationwide. Sooperbeaute is known to its shabbychic inspired designs and ideas which is really attractive. They always come up with a new ways on how to improve and explore products base on the demands of the consumers. Such a great mind for such products that are affordable yet unique in their own ways. I love how this SOOPER BEAUTY BOX turned out.13199461_10204905224550842_189582674_o

So they have ongoing promo until May 15, 2016 for only P1,500 you can get your own Beauty Box which includes products that are within your budget. And this is not just a few items, but a set of products that can actually complete your look.

This was sent to me and I would always say over and over that I really love their products especially the foundation. Proven and tested.

I got the following items below (Thanks again Ms.Jessica of Sooperbeaute for the love and generosity)

NEW LOOK! of So matte lipstick, it comes with 5 new shades (can’t wait for the other shade to arrive) creamy and matte finish. The colors are the to die for haha!Lipstick Junkie knows. It also includes boxes that are well labeled and really cute.

P430.00 each


Another new products is the LIP AND CHEEK LACQUER it feels and applies like a gloss but has a visible tint on it. Not really sticky and it feels so smooth on the lips.

P380.00 each


Cheeky Balm gosh!My favorite..so cute!It works on the lips too and yes, it leaves a nice stain and natural color on the cheeks.Long lasting too!

P380.00 each13199217_10204905224070830_1378856270_o

Tinte Kiss Balm is a natural balm that has a powerful pigmentation.I use it on the lips and cheeks too.Checkout my micro blog on instagram @makeupnurse_lynvidallon

P180.00 each


Concealer stick has a medium coverage and one of my fave on the go concealer.Checkout my micro blog on instagram @makeupnurse_lynvidallon

P380.00 each


My favorite foundation of all time haha!Seriously I have 2 back-ups thank goodness. This is a MUST HAVE foundie. See my previous blog post about this product.


And finally it’s out with a box too!See the love and effort?

P550.00 each very reasonable…a little goes a long way.Very savey!13214574_10204905224390838_1313742172_o

They added two new shades from the so matte lip and cheek theraphy collection. The GALAXY and CANOPUS wait!There’s more..these two new shades has a flat matte finish and very velvety on the lips.Impressive!!!Stay tuned for the swatches.

P380.00 each


I am sooooooooo inlove with the formula of these two!


These are the first batch and shades of the so matte lipstick.Checkout my micor blog on instagram @makeupnurse_lynvidallon

P430.00 each13230804_10204905224470840_329253698_o

I also have the contour kit (not included since I got it last year) Stay tuned for my separate review and swatches of the newly launched products from Sooperbeaute! See how you can save much for a full pack look without spending so much plus it comes with a shabbychic box right at your doorstep.

Grab the promo now!Follow them on Instagram at @Sooperbeaute or checkout the complete products at @Sooperbeaute_products you may also search the nearest store available on @Sooperbeaute_shop

Tag us when you finally get your own BEAUTY BOX.

Thanks again Ms.Jessica for these wonderful gift.I will definitely enjoy all of these treats.




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