DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that, I have hi tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips. Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.


So recently I purchased this Naturactor Cover Face Foundation at Beauty Essentials by Eren Mckay 2nd level fisher mall. The store sells wide range of authentic cosmetics from skin care to hair care off reasonable prices. I know this is a bit late but better than never as the saying goes. So a lot have been raving to try this product including myself but to be honest it’s really difficult  to buy online because I don’t have assurance of the authenticity and some of the online shops are selling fake naturactor with the same amount of the original price. Good thing Beauty Essentials caters authentic products and so I finally gave in.


Provides great coverage for skin.

Long lasting

You only need to apply a little to get the perfect skin look.

Special to makeup artist and professional use.


Jojoba oil-moisturizer the skin

Mica-moisture your skin youngful

Tocopherol(Vitamin E)-improve metabolism and immune system skin.

Net Wt: 20g

Price: P800.00 other store and online shop sell it for only P500.00 or less but again I’m after the authenticity of the product. It is better to pay more than the desired amount online rather than sacrifice with the outcome.

Shades: It comes with variety of shades labeled according to numbers that conceals and corrects diff. skin tones.  Here I got the shade in 151 which is the closest match to my skin color.



Coverage: Medium to full

Finish: semi dewy

Packaging: It is housed in a pot like container similar to the packaging of mousse foundation.Well , I find it sleek and sturdy.

Texture and formula:It is very soft and applies like velvety on the skin, a little goes a long way I was really impressed with just one thin layer of this can actually provide a heavy coverage. Totoo nga ung sabi nila hindi pagiging OA un talaga maganda ung coverage ng foundation na ito but I like using it as concealer tho to hide my baby bugs haha (eye bugs) and some areas on my nose. A saver and hopefully can last me longer haha.

How to use it? Either you use a sponge, brush or finger. But I prefer to use my Real Technique sponge to blend it easily and to avoid getting messy at the same time.

Longevity: It lasted me 6 hours before I noticed visible veins popping out. (see disclaimer) I have combination skin.




  1. I agree Ms. Lyn :))) Note to self: “It is better to pay more than the desired amount online rather than sacrifice with the outcome.” mas mabuti talagang bumili ng mahal kesa naka mura ka nga na peke ka naman. yayyy! very helpful tips.


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