Price: P199.00 reasonable compared to other chemical based brush cleaner since nowadays there’s a few cleaner that you can get for less than 100.00 like in Daiso which I don’t really recommend.

Net Wt: 50ml soon they will be coming out with 100ml of product

Packaging: It is housed in a sleek plastic spray bottle with the label of the product just like their makeup remover


Ingredients: Rose essential oil, banana extract, distilled water, potassium cocoate, Acnibio mxr preservative

Thoughts: I have never tried using any specialized brush cleaner on the market until I found one in Daiso and I will never ever try to repurchase again because it smells really bad. Literally you will smell the strong chemical scent and that’s what I got for the price of P88.00.

Reason why I am really comfortable to go for diy “do it yourself” or cheaper alternatives like baby soap, baby shampoo or even facial foam, for how many years I have never encountered such problem.

Luckily, I got a gift from @lipstickallucan on Instagram and this is their organic made brush cleanser and sanitizer in one. Let’s get to the point, okay! It works well on my brushes; you won’t really need to even use water for rinsing. Just sprit directly on the brush and do the swirling motion on the tissue paper and it will actually remove the powder stain instantly.

Note: Make sure to use a thick tissue paper or cotton pads so you can cleanse the brushes thoroughly and see how it instantly remove the stain.

As we all know brushes like concealer and foundations are really hard to clean. However, this works amazingly. You may or may not soak it in water whichever you like as long as you rinse it thoroughly.

(see photo below)

When it comes to scent it has a strong lemon into it, if you’re very particular with the fragrance like me, I highly suggest using this with warm water. But other than that I don’t have any issues.

Its made with organic content and you won’t really have a hard time cleaning your brushes.

Get this only at LIPSTICK ALL U CAN

You may visit their social media accounts

Instagram: @lipstickallucan

Twitter: @lipstickallucan |



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