Micellar Water KV.jpg

I was too excited to share with you how I love using the miscellar water from Maybelline. It’s a makeup remover and toner in one. It is made of water and gentle microscopic oil molecules that offers 4 in 1 solution. It claims to thoroughly removes makeup and gently hydrates and soothes your skin.It has a micelles extract grime and retain water to undo every trace of impurity.It restore every drop of moisture.

For only P199.00 you get 200ml of product and good to last more or less 1 month.Not bad at all if you will be using this everyday.


I was expecting it like a mixture of water and oil as the common content of makeup remover but I was awed that it really feels like water and it instantly removes even the mattiest lipstick that I have, very true to its claim.

According to the sales staff, you can actually use this alone without facial foam. But I prefer to use this after cleansing my face to save much product and simply because it didn’t remove all the residue.See photo below.

After I cleanse my face it seems that all my makeup has been removed which is really cool as if my face is really free from dirt,but when I tried using a toner you can see the residue of my makeup.Yaiks!So I highly suggest to use this after washing your face.(my routine)

It has a very light stickiness after, but dries up on the face. To my surprise it doesn’t smell anything. Also, I didn’t encounter any tingling sensation while using the product. This is truly a must have!You won’t even notice any excess makeup or stain on your face unless you will use a toner haha.Suitable for all skin types even those with sensitive skin like me.




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