Lipstickallucan: Lip & Cheek Tint

This was sent to me as a gift from Lipstickallucan it’s the Lip and cheek tint.

I have tried a lot of lip and cheek that comes in different forms and I love using it whenever I feel lazy to put on makeup or if I’m running late for work. Some works well on me and lasted the whole day but others tends to fade easily.

Price: This retails for P180.00 each

Net Wt: comes in  of product


Packaging: It is housed in a frosted glass with a roll on applicator.

This comes in 4 flavored shades:

  • Berry – flushed of pink (next to my favorite)
  • Orange – perfect for summer or during hot weather because of its coral hue
  • Red velvet – flush of red (My favorite of all the shades)
  • Grapes – Dark color (least of all)


(When applied)


(After Stain – Red Velvet, Berry, Grapes and Orange)

Scent: Unlike any other lip tint, this doesn’t have any bitter taste, In fact it smells like teh actual flavors. Each shades has its own taste distinction which I really like. My favorite is the Red Velvet which taste like chocolate. Yum!


  • Safe for the kids and pregnant moms
  • Affordable
  • Has a natural opacity
  • Long lasting
  • Formula is liquidly but not runny
  • It doesn’t feel sticky
  • Very easy to blend
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • With mild scent and fragrance
  • Very handy (I always bring the red velvet)
  • Perfect for a go-to errands


  • Limited shades available
  • Limited availability (online and available LAU stores only)
  • Incomplete label (according to the owner this is their first batch for trial and they are now processing all the products with detailed description)

Overall, I’m happy and impressed with the quality especially the mixture of the formula and fragrance.

You can check out their social media accounts

Instagram: @Lipstickallucan @Laucstore

Twitter: @lipstickallucan




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