Jordana Powder Blush

Jordana Powder Blush Claims:

I went to SM Megamall Jordana stall last year and this is the first product that I got from the brand, I was really impressed with the quality. Aside from this, I also purchased their matte lipstick, the brand looks really promising and I wanted to go back and try some more. I haven’t read any review here in the Ph about Jordana products, I don’t know why, but it deserve to be known.

Basically this is just a regular compact size of powder blush very handy. It comes with a screw top plastic pot with a translucent cover. It includes the label and the description of the product at the bottom.

You can actually depot the product if you want; it has 12 shades that are specifically made for different kind of skin tones but I think we only have 6 shades available last year. It lasted me the whole day until it’s time for me to remove my makeup. It’s not too powdery unlike any blushes.

Some of the shades has fine shimmer but mostly are matte, some may also use as a bronzer like “mocha”.  The colors are wearable; it has a great pigmentation so I suggest you not to pick too much product on your brush as it will look overpowering. You can also use your finger but it should be very light when applied on your cheeks, the color is build-able however you won’t really need too much of it. Believe me.

It has a mild scent, similar to grandma’s makeup if you smell it directly off the jar. But one thing that really stands out is the affordability of this product. If I remember I bought it for only P180.00 or less than P200.00 and it is also available at 2nd level Fishermall inside Beauty Essentials by Eren Mckay. The exclusive distributor of Jordana Cosmetics here in the Ph and it retails for P199.00 or less. Wide shades selection is available compared to the stall at any SM Beauty Dept.



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