DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that, I have high tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips.Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.

Do you have oily skin? Does your foundation tend to fade after few hours? Have you tried using a primer to make your makeup last longer?

Here’s another product that can definitely help you to lessen your visible pores and help your makeup last on an average time. Presenting you the newest product of Sooperbeaute which is the Blur Primer.

Recently they launch their newest product and glad to know that aside from skin care, bases, lipstick and many more, they came up with a primer which is very essential to those with oily and even combination skin like me.

It claims to:

  • ·         Act as a primer foundation that reduces appearance of BIG PORES we all hate.
  • ·         Blur signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles while creating a smooth base for make-up.
  • ·         With a formulation that gives a tinted veil on your skin that shouts My-Skin-But-Better!
  • ·         Packed with antioxidants and anti-aging plant extracts like Beta Glucan and Barley Extract that shields your skin from free radical damage.

Price: You can get this for only P360.00

Net Wt: contains of product

Sun Protection: with SPF 20

Packaging: it is housed in a frosted glass jar with screw type cap, very sleek and sturdy. I find it really handy however if you plan to travel be sure to secure it in place.

Formula: Very creamy and blends really well, it sets into semi matte finish and dries quickly without leaving any patches. It’s a translucent product so definitely it won’t cause any discoloration when mix with foundation or bb cream. It feels a bit cold on the skin and helps to lessen the redness and pores on my face, though it won’t totally diminish those imperfection at least it is made with natural. Normally the primer is made of silicone based content and has that velvety texture, while this has a gel type of texture with minimal silicone content, very lightweight and definitely it cannot clog your pores so your skin can breathe.
I use it on a certain areas of my face like t-zone where I get oily easily and on my pores.

 I like how it gives that natural canvass that lessen visible pores and help to set your base makeup in place. Though it has spf 20 but I don’t see any white cast during flash photography unless I use a foundation with higher spf that can lead to white cast exposure.

Lasting Power: 4 hours before I started to blot.

Get this only from Sooperbeaute on Instagram













































  1. Hi, Ms. Lyn. Nice review but I have few questions, how much time on average it can hold your makeup until it starts to look a bit oily? how can you compare it to your Milani Prime Shield in terms of their consistency?


    1. Oww!I forgot to include that sorry. Since I have combination skin and I only tend to oil up on my t-zone area, its an average of 3-4 hours before I blot. I cannot say that it perfectly fits to act as a primer alone. I like the Milani Prime shield more than this.Since this product is not pure silicone based, and the texture is very creamy.This is more like of a matte moisturizer for me.

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