The Faceshop Air Cotton Makeup Base in 01 Mint

DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that, I have high tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips.Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.

I haven’t heard of this product yet and so I was happy that I discovered it. I went to face shop power plant mall yesterday and I had no idea what to get (impulsive buyer) until  it caught my attention. I haven’t tried using any corrector that acts as a primer, helps in correcting tone and a moisturizer in one. I have suesh correcting concealer but I know this is different and waaaay better than that.

Price: 195.00 very affordable knowing it contains more than the regular amount of other based products.

Net Wt:  40ml this can last me for a few months


  • 01 Mint it helps to neutralize and correct the redness – I decided to get this since I have redness around my nose and on my cheeks.
  • 02 Lavender for yellow discoloration.


Packaging: It is housed in a white plastic tube, nothing special just like the usual packaging of a facial foam, lotion or face cream that you see on the market. The details are not informative simply because I can’t understand any of it. But what do you expect haha! It’s a Korean brand of course. Thanks to Google somehow it helps.


  • Lightweight makeup base that lets cosmetics set smoothly and flawlessly
  • Makeup base that brightens skin with better tones
  • SPF 30 PA++ protects your skin

Formula and Durability: Though it doesn’t claim to be matte or work as a primer, with my experienced I would say that this is an all- in-one makeup base. It has the same texture of a lotion/moisturizer with a bit sticky feeling at first application.

It provides a smooth canvass on the skin and leaves a translucent base on the face. It doesn’t feel heavy and sets quickly, I like using it with my finger instead of a foundation brush because it is very easy to blend. The texture is not too thick and runny. I use it on my cheeks and t-zone area where I have redness, and I was really impress on how it diminished discoloration and normally I have to apply concealer on the areas where I have redness whenever I use a light foundation specially BB Creams. The fact that I won’t have to put another layer of foundation just to cover those imperfections is really a time saver. It has a great coverage which really corrects redness as it claimed. Another great thing about this product which I’m not expecting is how it lessens the buildup of oil on my t-zone area. It’s been 5 hours and my nose is not visibly oily.

Good thing that I have found this savior to help me and make my everyday routine much easier with no hassle.

Overall it’s been 11 hours & it seems as if I just put my make up on.I loooooove this product!

I highly recommend you to try this especially if you have oily skin. This is really affordable and way better than those high end products, really a must have on your kit. I would definitely get another one for my back up.



14 thoughts on “The Faceshop Air Cotton Makeup Base in 01 Mint

  1. Wow, this product is a bomb! Like, you would definitely get a lot of benefits for just P195.00!
    Regular price po ba niya ito? Yung The Face Shop po ba, ung nasa loob din ng The Body Shop? hihi Gusto ko itry, kaso po walang the face shop dto sa malapit na samin. Thanks!


  2. YAY for this product! It amazed me after watching your vlog Ms. Lyn although mas nauna tong blog mo about dito. Really really want to try this! Perfect for me lalo na mainit and di talaga mapigilan mag oily ng skin. Its really a must have.


  3. Hi! I actually bought the same product and I have a separate primer
    you stated that this profuct is like a three in one or something which can be a primer as well.
    I asked the sales lady about it being a primer but she said that it was different- so, I end up putting this product following a primer then foundation. am I doing it wrong? should I not add another primer after applying this


    1. Hello louiese thank you for taking time to read my blog. For me it works as a moisturizer,corrector and primer in one simply because I have tested the product and it did a great job. Beauty consultants should be well oriented but sadly most of them are not aware on how each of their products work. So they ended up on the description of the product rather than testing it personally. In my case, I dont put primer whenever I use this, some primers are silicone based and can clog your pores. You may try to use it alone to see if it works on your skin. 🙂


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