Hi Girls I’m feeling a bit sick lately due to bad weather. Anyways, I know a lot of you have been waiting for my review on Maybelline creamy matte lipstick and how does it differ with the NEW Maybelline Nudes.

First of all this is not a sponsored product, I bought it with my own money. I love Maybelline products even when I was in college, and I really do adore their lipstick line. I love wearing matte and I have high tolerance to it, as long as it is not sticky and tacky. When they came out with their creamy matte collection I really wanted to hoard haha as if there’s no tomorrow.


The packaging is really simple though it doesn’t include the brand name on the tube but you can actually find it at the bottom along with the name of the shade. I love placing it in an up down position so I can easily identify the shade or which one to pick. Normally I do that with all my lipstick but you should handle it with care as it can loosen the product when drops accidentally. The cap is really secure you won’t have to worry.

Price: P299.00

Scent: It smells like vanilla, not overpowering. Never an issue for me.

Value for Money: Definitely worth buying! Very affordable.

Longevity: It lasted 3-4 hours without eating and dark colors like divine wine leaves a minimal stain on the lips.

Note: This is NOT a kiss proof and will eventually fade and transfer.


Finish: Matte but not flat. It has moisture without leaving your lips dry and tacky.

Shades Availability: It has variety of shades to choose from and will definitely suits your skin tone. Colors are even comparable to other high end product because of its variation or selection of colors. I can even compare it to MAC and other expensive products.




TOUCH OF SPICE16683097_10206667340402637_57980289_n





Formula: I love how it glides on smoothly without getting streaky, the consistency are of the same and really pigmented. It’s not sticky and tacky on the lips. I love to wear it over and over. The colors are true and non-drying.

If I to compare these with the NEW brown nudes collection I would highly choose their old mattes. First of all the colors are true to its pigmentation in terms of application unlike NUDE collection which actually takes 2 to 3 layers on the lips before you get the real color of the actual product except for 3 shades which are NUDE NUANCE, TOUCH OF SPICE and BURGUNDY. Since I have similar shade like burgundy blush, I opted not to get one because I don’t think it will be useful.

Others would say that the shades are perfectly pigmented even at one swipe but I don’t know why, I was even thinking if I got a bad batch or whatever so I decided to drop by at the stall to test the product and yet it is not really pigmented as what I expected. I’ve heard a lot of dismay but again it depends to your preferences. Maybe I have high expectations, but as a blogger my main goal is to give my honest thoughts about a certain product whether it is a sponsored brand or not. I don’t want to be bias because after all it reflects with my personality and integrity as a blogger. I love Maybelline, I’m an avid user since college but just like people, none is permanent and perfect in this world.

Go visit the nearest Maybelline counters grab yours at 299.00.









  1. Pansin ko nga po may mga similar shades kang mga lippy. Post ka po minsan ng swatches ng similar color ng lipstick thanks!. 🙂 parang may nakita ako bago shade ng maybelline prang may choco something hehe


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