DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that, I have high tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips. Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.

Sharing you my Skin Care – Night Routine using these products from my trusted brands on Instagram.

You know how hard it is to have a long day at work and you always wear makeup almost every day except when it’s your rest day and you just feel like staying at home. Having a sensitive skin is a big challenge for me because it easily reacts so badly that my skin tends to become itchy, with tiny bumps, redness and even pimples that lasted for like 3 to 4 days. I never get pimples on my face except when I use a certain product or brand that won’t work on my skin. That’s why I made sure not to use too much essentials or even those that are not FDA approved. Especially those that are from online shop, that’s why it is very important for me to check and study the brand before I recommend it to my followers and readers because I don’t want to be blame by simply promoting a certain product without testing it for the sake of sponsorship.

So here are the essentials that I’m using at night from my trusted brands and legit online shop on Instagram. I’ll share with you a step by step method on how I manage to keep my skin healthy despite the long hours of wearing makeup and exposure to environment and the products that I have tried using and my thoughts about it.

don’t use different products on a daily basis know why? How can you identify what exact product did cause your skin irritation? Right! Reason why it took me for a while before I test a skin care product because I have to make sure that I use it regularly proven and tested until it’s time for me to try a new one.

DISCLAIMER:  I have normal to combination skin and it is very important for you to know your skin type and be aware on what to use on your face.

I started off with a:


  • Facial Cleanser – It’s been a week since I started to use this MILK FACIAL CLEANSER from La Bella Organica Ph on Instagram. It comes with 30ml of product and the formula is thick and liquidly similar with dove facial wash. It feels really smooth on the face however I’m not a fan of its fragrance; it smells like a very light coconut with a mixture of the old nivea lotion. I use it with water though it says it can also be use as a makeup remover. It’s not bubbly same like the dove product, it doesn’t remove your makeup with just one wash but it has that great moisture on the face. Overall, if you’re not particular with the scent and you have dry skin I would really recommend this product. – Good as moisturizer

Claims: Anti-pimple can be used as makeup remover & for facial preparation.100% organic and Hydroquinone free.

Another facial foam that I have tried is the ELELLA GINSENG THERAPHY from Beauty Essentials by EM. It comes with 150ml of product and it lasted for almost 3 months. A pea sized amount can cleanse the entire face with one wash. I love using it and would even want to repurchase. It is made in Korean with ginseng as the main ingredient, whenever I use it my face become lighter and glowing. Weird but I highly recommend it. The only downside is that, it’s kind of expensive. Retails for P500.00 to 800.00 pesos and soon will be coming out with a new sizes and price reduction.


  • Makeup Remover – For sure some of you would ask like why I started off with a facial wash instead of using a makeup remover to cleanse my face. Well it depends on how you take care of your skin. As for me I like to use facial foam first so it is easy for me to remove the makeup stain on my face. Here I use the MAYBELLINE MICELLAR WATER. I loooooove to use it every day, it’s very affordable P199.00 and it’s literally made with water, no mixture of oil. I was really amazed as to how it removes my makeup even those matte lipstick without leaving any tingling sensation and irritation on my skin.


  • Exfoliate – I do this 2 – 3 times a week. DO NOT do it on a daily basis as it can dry up your skin. Here I love using the MILK AND COFFEE SCRUB from Casamara Ph on Instagram. It feels really light and smooth on the face plus it doesn’t hurt. Very affordable for only P150.00 which can last you for a long time. It can also be use on the body but most of the time I use it to help cleanse my face especially my pores.


  • Toner – I use the ARGAN MULBERRY PEPERMINT TONER from Faith hope love soap on Instagram and gosh it’s like “love at first use” for some reason my face look s really fresh and glowing after using it. I just put 3 drops on a cotton pad for the entire face and it even cleanse my face more than I expected aside from facial foam and makeup remover. It has a cooling effect and doesn’t feel irritating on the face despite the peppermint fragrance. Parang pumuti ung face ko na super linis It’s really weird but that’s how it works on me. Plus the price is really affordable 150.00 for 50ml and 285.00 for 100ml.

 Ingredients: Aloe Vera, witch hazel hydrosol, neem oil, argan oil, mulberry extract and                                                                   peppermint essential oil.

Another toner that I have used is the BLUSH BERRY TONER from Healthy Beauty Solutions. It comes with 50ml of product and works really well however it has a scent of chocolate with a mixture of tequila. I don’t experience any breakout or tingling sensation but I would advise not to smell it directly on the bottle because if you’re a drinker haha it’s really tempting (you know what I mean) but I really love this toner as it really helps to remove my excess makeup and keep my skin looking fresh.

                 Claims: Anti-acne erases acne marks, anti-aging, shrink pores and repairs skin.

  • Skin care face Mist – My favorite part but be sure to let it all set before doing the next step. I love using the FACE & BODY MIST from Ysabelle’s Daughter. It comes in a frosted glass with a pump and I sprit at least 2 pumps on my face 3 inches away. I also use it on my arms and legs and felt revitalize after. It’s just so relaxing whenever I use it, I don’t feel any stickiness’ or even irritation plus most of the time I even use it prior makeup. Truly must have!Ugh!

Another mist that I highly recommend is the CUCUMBER HYDRATING MIST from Faith hope love soap on Instagram for only P150.00. This is my 3rd bottle and has been using it since last year. In fact I did a blog about it here’s the link.

Also I highly recommend the ABLOU CARROT EXTRACT BRIGHTENING TONER MIST from Beauty Essentials it smells really good and very affordable for only P150.00. You can check this link for my review.


  • Face Cream/Moisturizer – I have been using the JEJU 99% ALOE VERA from The Face Shop for only P195.00 It makes my face really glowing and healthy. I love using it even 2-3 times a day as it can be so addicting. The aloe scent, texture and formula. This is really perfect for those with dry skin, it will keep your face well moisturize.


  • Lip Scrub – I haven’t tried using any kind of lip scrub so I was really happy with this. I use it at night and I really enjoys every single day as I noticed that my dry lips started to peel off. It doesn’t feel painful or irritating. After 5 seconds of scrubbing I then wipe it off with wet cotton pad to remove the beads. Take not, never ever peel the skin off, just wait for it. This retails for only P150.00 very affordable compared to other lip scrub, also this is made with natural ingredients from Rowena Los Banos on Instagram.

3I have been using this lotion for a few months and very savey. It smells really great! You can even smell it even after an hour. Very soothing on the skin and doesn’t feel sticky. I love using it every day whether day or night because of its relaxing fragrance. However I run out of it 4 days ago.This is from Skin Beautanicals on Instagram for only P150.00


As of now I don’t have any lotion except for this, It’s a peeling lotion so I only use it on a certain areas like ankle, knees and elbow where I have dark patches. It smells really good, very relaxing.  I use it 3-4 x a day including at night and was really impressed with the result. According to Ms.Rowena it only removes your dead skin, after 4 days I noticed that my ankle started to peel off. I was so happy because it works really fast plus the good thing about it is that, I don’t feel any sting or tingling sensation on those areas except on the face, it does feel a little itchy but tolerable. I don’t experience any allergic reaction as well. I just love using it every day and hoping for more outcome soon. I highly recommend you to try this and see it for yourself. It actually works!


  • Last part of my ritual is this Topping Balm from Happy Hauler PH (P500.00). I use it on my bruises where I have visible hematoma (medical term) in tagalog “pasa” and after 5 days I noticed that it did lessen the dark patch and even heals in 7th day. Amazing! I have this hematoma for a month and it doesn’t heal so I was really awed with the result. Totoo pala talaga siya!


  • I also use this Face and Body balm from Healthy Beauty Solutions.It’s my go-to balm which I use everyday especially when I have 16 hours of duty staying inside centralize building where my skin feels a bit dry due to cold environment. I always use this on the palm of my hand, certain parts of my face those with dry patches.


Overall, these products are available locally. I personally recommend these to you although you have to take into consideration that it depends with your skin type. I use these everyday as part of my daily night ritual and I don’t feel any unusual reaction.

I would like to thank the following brands for sending these products, I have to be very honest with my thoughts and I really appreciate your generosity.











  1. Napasarap na ako ng basa hehe sa mga toner po yung Argan Mulberry Peppermint b yung pinaka fave mo Ms. Lyn? Panu po yung gamit nyo ng toner uba yung sa morning iba yung before mag sleep? Grabe mahal pala yung Topping Balm Plus 500 hehe pede po kya sya sa acne marks?


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