Disclaimer: Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that,I have high tolerance with matte lipstick.Also,I always exfoliate my lips.Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.


EREN MCKAYE is a new brand of makeup that are about to launch this December 2016. The brand caters variety of makeup that is made in the USA. It claims to be Paraben free and free from harmful chemicals. One of their collections is classic matte lipstick.


Packaging:  It comes in a mini silver plated bullet with a white font (brand) printed vertically on the tube and the name of the shade at the bottom.

Price: P399.00 you may say its kind off expensive but for me the quality of the product is really worth buying.

Scent: It has a mild sweet fragrance.

Lasting Power: 3-4 hours without eating and can last less than 2 hours after heavy meal.

Shades: It has 7 shades that include one metallic. Reason why it only has one metallic shade? That I don’t know. As you can see these shades are wearable and suitable to all skin tones.


My favorites are Nut Meg which is perfect for everyday and Diva Red which is a classic red.


This pigmented lipstick feels really lightweight as it stays on your lips. Though it claims to be matte yet it provides a smooth finish without leaving your lips dry and tacky. It stains  pretty well on my lips even after eating snack, except for a heavy oily meal. I was impressed on how it glides on easily; it has moisturizing effect without looking sheer or glossy.

On the other hand, there is one shade that stands out because of its metallic finish and that is Brandy. What makes it more interesting despite the glittery is that, it will not give you that lady gaga effect; in fact this shade is wearable due to its mediocre tone, it’s not overpowering. I am not use to wear sheer or metallic lipstick but I can actually pull this off even on day time.























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