DELICIOUS DIET: Mommy tips to getting fit and healthy

First time to do a “mommy kind” of blog as I share my personal experience and daily routine. Working as a fulltime nurse, marketing manager & consultant, vblogger and hands on mom I don’t really spend too much time and money when it comes to food and the things that has something to do with my personal health. I stop thinking too much like what to do what to eat and how to get back in shape. Looking at my old photos made me realized how skinny I was and now that my body gained too much (fat) I felt really disappointed.  I have double chin, fluffy arms and literally big hips (all after giving birth). I came to the point where I had to fit 10 jeans and cried a lot inside the fitting room (wala nag fit dahil sa balakang ko) I went to BELO with my mom and inquired about their lipo procedure amounting of 38,000 per session and I have to take necessary laboratory test to ensure that my body is ready to undergo treatment. The problem was, it’s really expensive if I had to go 5 – 8 sessions (ang mahal!) So I tried eating with 1 cup of brown rice (they say its half equivalent of white rice) for a month and in 2 weeks my god my old jeans started to fit in. I see visible changes and felt really lightweight and skinny ( as in feeling ko ang sexy ko haha) After that period for whatever reason I just stop. I became lazy and unsure (if tama pa ba ginagawa ko) I started losing hope until I don’t care at all.

Now I like to share with you things that help me do much than before. I know this is really challenging especially for moms like me but don’t lose hope (kapit lang!) It takes time to meet your goal and see the actual results but trust me it’s worth it.


Have you ever feel conscious with your body?

How fit and healthy are you?

Are you motivated and willing to get back in shape?

I know these are some of the questions; but here are the tips that might help you.

  1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (at least 8 – 12 glasses per day)

To avoid dehydration and to release the toxins in your body, if you feel thirsty (not the usual) having dry mouth and lips (not because of wearing matte lipstick) , dry skin, yellowish urine (not the usual) and feeling tired and dizzy then you might want to have water theraphy.These are some of the signs of dehydration.

ADDING LEMON – I know lemon is expensive but aside from helping you to lose weight, it also cleanse your body. You may also drink pure lemon prior breakfast and wait for atleast 1 hour before you eat/drink.

  1. EXERCISE/WORKOUT – for practical moms like me instead of going to the gym or any yoga sesh why not do it at convenience of your home. What I normally do for 2 weeks now when I woke up I drink pure lemon (caution for those with hyperacidity) sometimes water with lemon and then while waiting for my food I made sure to have atleast 20-30mins workout then rest for 1-2 hours before taking a bath and prep up for work.
  1. VITAMINS (SUPPLEMENT) – Before, I took enervon and myra E as my supplement.But right now, I stop (with all honesty).
  1. EAT HEALTHY MEALS – the best part of this blog, I want to share with you how important they are, Delicious Diet is the main highlight of my journey to getting fit. I’m so glad that I wake up every day without worrying what to prepare (don’t worry my kids and my hubby have separate meals all the time) I have to be conscious that’s how eager I ‘am to go on a diet. Sometimes I had to skip lunch and snack, seriously. But having them for my daily meals does really saves up the day. I have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, I feel secured and happy at the same time since I don’t have to sacrifice anymore. The food are really great ,  delicious and juicy (mabigat sa tummy) I stop eating at fast food chains like Jollibee, KFC, Mc Donald’s even junk foods & soda etc. I became motivated, so much motivated to be honest. I’m not really into “tea” more of a soda but because of them I learned to have tea every after heavy meal and how it helps with my digestion. If you’re looking for a great meal plan, I highly recommend DELICIOUS DIET, no bias! I’m really satisfied with their food (plus calculated calorie plan – I’m having 1200) and the rider is really nice and accommodating (he would even ask you for your preferred time) You can choose between 1200 or 1800 calorie meal plan. P1,800 for 5 days with complete meals are really worth it.

Checkout their Instagram account  DELICIOUS DIET

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