Recently Maybelline came out with their newest collection; it’s the powder matte lipstick which I got on sale for only P199.00. It has 15 gorgeous shades to choose from however most of the shades are similar with what I have in my collection.

I’m eyeing for two shades; sadly “mauve it up” is sold out so I ended up getting one shade which is Touch of Nude.


  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Hydrating lightweight mattes
  • Silky smooth powdery finish
  • Saturated powder pigments

The packaging is the same as with their creamy matte collection except that it comes with a matte semi translucent lid in color orange. It doesn’t smell anything compared to the creamy mattes or maybe because I have colds today that’s why???

 When they say shades are perfect for all skin types? it’s definitely true.  They have nude to pink, red to plum, great for different moods and wearable too.

Take note: Some shades in this collection like plum perfection, noir red, cherry chic and make me blush, are different when you swatch it on your lips. It’s buildable however you need to add at least 2-3 layers to get the exact shade. Thank goodness that touch of nude is not pale for my skin tone haha.

But having a morena skin tone can be tricky sometimes; I have to be very particular with my choices, because of my pale lips, lighter shade makes me look sick while bright colors are overpowering for my daily grinds.

Touch of Nude is a perfect shade for everyday, it’s wearable and will make you look younger, It just pop! I love the simplicity of this color, not too nude and not too pink.

It feels really lightweight on the lips, very smooth and powdery…True! It has a pretty nice opacity and sets into matte feeling after few seconds, yet non-drying. I have to be honest, it has minimal transfer and a little fading every after eating, no stain effect and so retouch is needed. Also because of its powdery finish it feels a bit slippery on the lips so I prefer to let it set first before adding another layer, don’t worry because it’s not streaky.

In 12 hours of duty, I ate siomai and rice, carbonara and egg with UCC café latte and cheesy snack (I feel bloated all day haha of course it’s in between haha!) I had to reapply 3x throughout my duty.

Overall I loooovvveeeee this collection because of its quality regardless of the pigmentation!




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