Need a facial cleanser that effectively removes both your makeup and every impurity? The Spider Puff Cleanser lets you do both, while also exfoliating, moisturizing, and whitening your skin. You’re sure to give your face the best treatment with this compact product.


It’s really hard to find convenient facial cleanser for on the go working mom and makeup enthusiast like me. Aside from its cute packaging, I really like the idea that it comes with a puff to help massage and exfoliate my face. It’s really relaxing and convenient for me to do it while inside my room, editing my videos and even chatting with my husband. Probably you’re thinking how do I do that? It’s not messy and need no water immediately. Sometimes I use a wet wipes to take it off on my face or water as it is. When I had eyebrow tattoo I badly I need this, it helps to skip those areas around my brows and just wipe it off, very convenient. A small amount (pea sized) of product is enough for the entire face, It also helps to moisturize my face, what I really love most is how my skin feels so soft and smooth. To be sure that it is really effective,  I decided to get a cotton pad and a makeup remover, and it instantly removes all the dirt on my face even the traces of my foundation without any stain.

Price: 1,200 BUY 1 TAKE 1

Net Wt: 65ml


Here are the simple steps on how to use it:

Twist the bottle – it has ON and OFF label.

Lightly press the bottle for the product to come out

Start massaging your face in a circular motion using the puff that comes with it, apply a very light pressure so the product will come out more from the puff helping it spread evenly. It’s normal for the puff to get dirty but no worries because you can easily cleanse it with water.

Wash your face with water and your done!

For travel purposes you may use a wet wipes but be sure that it’s alcohol free (incase water is not available).

 See you how this easy step makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.




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