EB ADVANCE WHITE PURITY (Lightening Milk Cleanser)

I have tried a lot of makeup remover and toner that’s why it is so intriguing to find something new from a local brand known for its great quality and affordability. Got this at Landmark Makati for only P90.00 it has 3 variants (White, Pink and Green) the other one is for acne and has a watery texture while this one is basically cream type.

It claims to remove makeup, moisturize, minimize pores and even helps to treat those who are prone to acne.


Price: P95.00

Net Wt:  100ml of product

Packaging: with a flip top cover comes in handy, apply a light pressure on the bottle as needed to properly dispense the product.

Shade: Translucent

Texture: Thick and creamy

It was able to remove my makeup, it feels a bit sticky but tolerable. I don’t feel any tingling sensation; a pea sized amount is enough for the entire face. I love how it feels so soft on the skin.However, if there’s something that I really don’t like about this product is the scent; it has a VERY STRONG fragrance even with a small amount, reason why I stop using it.

By the way it is better to use it at night before you go to sleep, considering if you have oily skin it is the perfect time to use a moisturizer (not prior makeup application as it can make your face looks dewier since this is not oil free)

I suggest the other variants that have a more watery texture. I would definitely try either the pink or green bottle from this collection.




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