DISCLAIMER:  Unbiased review for your reference. I have smooth skin but I’m not spared from pores on my cheeks, redness around my nose and appearance of veins. Also, I have combination skin; I get oily on my t-zone area. For the lipstick I love wearing semi to matte formulation and with that, I have high tolerance with matte lipstick. Also, I always exfoliate my lips.Better check your skin types and preferences DO NOT put the blame if certain product doesn’t work the same.

WHERE TO BUY? Available in all Happy skin stores, Watsons, website and Zalora.

NET WT: 4.5ml for the lip creme

CLAIMS: Give power to your pout with the magic of matte. The Happy Skin Festival of Colors Lip Kit features a Shut Up & Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lipstick and Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lip Liner. Both deliver a pigmented pout with an ultra-matte finish. Expect the liquid matte lipstick to glide on with high impact and intense color. Its long-wearing formula is impressively hydrating but stays put. The super smooth lip liner keeps your lip color locked in place and prevents feathering. Boasting the perfect balance between dry and moist, this lip liner goes on creamy and never tugs, but lasts all day and never bleeds.

PRICE: p1,149

Dance All Day with an earthy mauve hue.

HAPPY SKIN SAYS:  Even with its trendy matte texture, this lip kit has the ability to keep lips hydrated underneath-thanks to star ingredient Cupuaçu Butter, which originates from the Rain Forest. It offers unrivaled hydration, healing, and improved elasticity.

HOW TO USE? Start with the lip liner. Use it to line the edges of your puckers to define your lip shape and to keep the chosen lip color from feathering out. Then apply your liquid lipstick. Use the wand to follow the edges of your lip shape and fill the rest of your lips inward with color.

The idea is comparable to Kylie Lip kit but Happy Skin has a greater amount of product (both lip crème and lip pencil) with lesser value.

Ok, to be honest I’ve been going back and forth almost every day at Powerplant Mall, yet undecided haha! I was really hoping that they come out with a lipstick alone since I’m not use to wearing lip liner also I’m very much concern with the amount since its quiet expensive for a lip crème.

I just want to share with you a short story, Ok I tested out the product and went inside the Beauty Bar, PCX, Watsons, Century Mall and SM Makati just to find an exact dupe at a very low cost. (Crazy Gas and parking fees) Come on let’s be practical haha! At the end of the day I went home with tired gears and disappointment.  I couldn’t sleep for 6 days seriously every after shift I always pass by in Happy Skin counter’s at SM Makati until one day (This is it!) I was with my friend, we passed by at SM Makati and tried the shade in Dance All day, and she was like “bagay!ang ganda!” I was like “Please wag mo sabihin yan ayoko gumastos!” and she kept on saying “ang ganda nga bagay sayo!” so I asked her to come with me at MAC store ( I was about to try the topped with brandy retro matte lip crème)  and the beauty consultant approached me and said “Ano yan nasa lips mo ang ganda!” I was awed haha!My friend was “ Oh diba sabi ko sayo ang ganda!” So we went back to happy skin and decided to grab one!Fly money, fly!haha!

Ok with all honesty, the shade in Dance all day is really nice,No actually it’s perfect! The fact that I had to look for an exact dupe and to no avail, meaning that the shade is unique and rare (that’s my personal thoughts ha) the earthy mauve tone suits really well on me, with morena skin tone it doesn’t make you look washed out.  Maganda siya! It feels really lightweight even though with 2-3 layers on (but not advisable) since it has a great opacity and not streaky to use then let’s saved up! It doesn’t feel tacky on the lips though it sets into real matte finish, so if you’re not use to, then you need a lip balm or moisturizer.

The applicator that comes with it is really soft however it is quite small than the regular size.

It’s very easy to blend and a little amount is enough for the entire lips since it has a watery texture, they say it’s “malabnaw” compared to their Disney collection. It took few seconds to set and kiss proof too!

While the (moisturizer matte) lip liner that comes with it is not moisturizing as I expected it to be, even if you use it underneath it doesn’t help to keep your lips hydrated. Also the product is really soft you have to be careful not to waste much of it.

NOTE: Common issue when wearing a matte lipstick/lip crème is that, it tend to emphasize the flaws of your lips.

As for the longevity, it has a great staying power. It lasted 6 hours on my lips with a very minimal transfer after eating yet the color stays intact. Ang ganda!


Overall, I’m happy with the quality of the product but I find it too expensive for the quantity. Is it worth the money? Yes!

FRIENDLY ADVISED: If money is NOT an issue then I recommend you getting this! But if you’re on a tight budget (student, newbie, mommy) I suggest saving up and don’t rush. It’s limited I know but it won’t get sold out in just a month or two.

More on my vlog nextweek!

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