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I went to the grand opening of Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic last June 3, 2017 at SM Mall of Asia; it is located at 2nd level north wing side in front of McDonalds beside David Salon.


The clinic has 8 private rooms for your comfort while doing the procedure. Love the ambience here!


The clinic is very inviting with its modern and stylish interior; added with natural materials like plants for a calming environment. Instagram worthy!


As we all know semi-permanent makeup is in nowadays, the demand is fast and growing. I had my first ever eyebrow tats last March of this year but failed to go back for another sesh of touch up due to personal reason. I knew right there and then that I need to have it fix since my brows starting to fade after few weeks and it doesn’t look good at all. Anyways, everyone was so busy during the event getting along with each other when Ms.Jane Pecson (owner) approached me and was kind enough to encourage me to try their services; she is so nice and pretty.

Here are the very useful goodies that I got including P15, 000 worth of GC


I’m planning to have my eyebrows done again but since I have limited time I decided to go first with the perma lash.

Have you heard of it? It’s actually a permanent lashes without using any extensions or adhesive. This is to enhance the growth and length of your lashes in a natural way. Others would say that mascara is not allowed for 3 days but with Fleek Clinic there is no downtime and so I was shocked because when I got home I immediately washed my face and yet my lashes are up and curled.

How long will it last? According to Ms.Maricel (One of the beauty consultant from MOA branch) perma lash for the first session would last 6 months while 1 year for the second session.

How many sessions do you need? Maximum of 2 sessions.

How much? Its 5,000 php per session – practically speaking it’s quite expensive but instead of  buying false eyelashes roughly around 200/pair for a one time use, or having extensions for 1,000 to 2,000 good for 1 month or two. This will also help you saved much of your time without any hassle, at the same time it’s painless.

It only took 1 hour and 20minutes for the procedure but according to Ms.Maricel in 1 hour you can have instant lashes on fleek.

If you’re a mom, beginner, makeup enthusiast and you want to achieve that natural lashes without eating too much of your time. I highly recommend you to visit Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic, check out their amazing deals. They offer different services and packages that would definitely fit your budget and your needs.

Watch my short vlog here:


Stay tuned for another vlog review, I will have my eyebrow tats and another session of my perma lash on my next visit.

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