Allure Cosmetics started in 2017. We exclusively offers beauty line products with high quality at affordable prices. Our aim is to meet the needs of all women of different skin tones in the market and we made sure that it entice to individuals who likes glamour and sophistication.

We offer wide range of lipsticks from different shades and finishes. Get the right touch for you. Choose our matte liquid lipstick for long-lasting and light weight feel or you may go for our satin lipstick for smooth application that comes with bold and vibrant colors and has a shea butter scent.


Price: P520.00

It comes in 6 shades from red to pinks and nudes.


As you all know I have obsession with a matte lipstick, it is very rare for me to wear a satin finish because it has a lesser longevity period, tends to fade easily and some of it even have glossy texture.

 with flash

   without flash

Well, I have to say that this product is definitely exceptional. Why?

  1. The bullet has a very dense texture hindi kagaya ng iba malambot
  2. It doesn’t even have that pure satin finish parang matte pa din siya with a hint of moisture
  3. It leaves a pretty nice stain on the lips so kahit maalis hindi siya pangit tignan
  4. The lipstick is very pigmented, if you want a matte looking finish all you have to do is blot with a tissue paper and voila!

Shade: Tulip

Shade: Rose

It doesn’t feel that lightweight as I expected but I can totally wear this everyday especially when my lips is tired from all the drying and drama.

Definitely a must have for a lipstick junkie.  A great substitute if you need a break!

Check out Allure Cosmetics

Instagram : allurecosmetics_sg

Viber PH 09064036101 | SG +6591567065



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