GOLDEN GLOW SERUM is the newest product of Nature Skin Secrets, it claims to repair, moisturize, tighten and restore the skins with its youthful glow. It’s a scented DNA repair serum with pepha tight, pepha protect, nectapure and collagen.

Packaging: It’s a syringe type of packaging (but doesn’t come with a needle)

 this type of packaging helps to apply the product easily with a desired amount; also with a sturdy leak proof pull lid.

Serum: P220.00

Texture and Formula: With its watery texture it’s never an issue to spread the product evenly on my face. In fact a little goes a long way; it sets quickly with a bit sticky but really tolerable. I like that it has a gold flakes in it which leaves you looking radiant and glowing instantly.

 It doesn’t feel heavy or irritating on the face. I like how it feels really soft , smooth and hydrated all throughout the day.

I noticed that my skin feels a bit tighten especially on the cheek and jaw area, it’s because it has one of the major component which is Pepha Tight that has a unique natural tightening and firming active ingredients which delivers a superior long term skin firming effect. While pepha protect helps prevent DNA damage in skin cells in two ways by preventing direct damage from UV light and by inhibiting the release of free radicals.

I use this at night or during my rest days, I don’t recommend you to use a cotton pad because it will only eat too much of the product. Better use your finger and gently press it on your skin, with that it allows your skin to absorb the entire product especially on those target areas.

To be honest for the first 3 days I don’t see any visible effect until  on my 4th day, my pores is getting smaller.Yes lumiit talaga pores ko and kahit ano foundation gamitin ko hindi nagbabago ung smooth canvass sa face ko kahit wala primer. This is by far one of the best (instant poreless effect) product that I have tried.

A must have especially for those with acne skin & open pores.

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  1. Yayamanin ang packaging, may ginto talaga, sa presyong hindi ginto. Srsly, its afforable than other serums available kahit sa drugstore, e.g. olay. So yeah, i might gonna give this product a try 😉


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