About Me

I’m lyn Vidallon also known as Makeup Nurse. 29 years old married with kids. A license Nurse and OHN from Makati. Only child and a dreamer.

I started getting hype with makeup when I was in college. My mom would always buy me high end makeup which I really don’t know the uses.  I discovered that I love sharing thoughts to my friends about a certain product reason why I made a tumblr account but I was too busy at school taking up my Bachelors degree in Nursing. I was not consistent until I had to stop in order to focus and meet school requirements like thesis, hospital duties and exams.

I believe that the right time will fall on a right place and so I decided to go back to blogging after I graduated. But regrettably, I became unsure. I have so many goals and plans but one main priority is to pass the board exam. It was a roller coaster of mind set; I was too excited to see what life has to offer.

And finally after years of waiting,  I became a responsible and consistent blogger. It was July of 2015 when I decided to transfer all my blogs from my tumblr account and deactivated it. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram became a great way of opportunities for me. I started collating my makeup and even skin care at home and start jotting down thoughts about it, it was then a great start for me.

Makeup-Nurse I Lyn Vidallon

Full time Nurse and OHN

Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogger/Blogger

For Collab and Inquiries


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